Gaming Phone: How to choose the best?

Gaming is the serious and regular playing of video games. Some people may worry about the use of this word, they associate the word gamer with a person addicted to video games, and sometimes put in their minds the worst scenarios. Except that a good number of gamers only do it for fun. Gaming is playing video games yes, but it is diversifying. If before we played exclusively on consoles only. Now, other game media have appeared. Supports that are also successful, among them, the telephone. But what phone to be able to play and enjoy as it should?

Smartphones for gaming: But what is this new principle?

In reality, this principle is not that new. It’s been around for a few years now. It’s just that it’s become popular lately. In particular by the release of long-awaited games in mobile version such as League Of Legends: Wild Rift or Apex Legends Mobile. In fact, since the release of high-performance smartphones and adapted games, gamers have had a great time playing anywhere using their phones. There are even pro smartphone gamers . It just means that they play exclusively on smartphones.

Of course, you can’t gamer on a classic smartphone. There are some differences between the classic smartphone and the gamer smartphone. The main difference is also the high performance of smartphones for gamers in order to enjoy an exceptional experience.

What criteria for a gaming smartphone?

Given the huge number of smartphones offered for gaming, the choice is quite difficult to make. Especially since there are many that look alike. Finding the perfect smartphone would be like poking a needle in a haystack. However, there are a few features to pay attention to when choosing a good suitable smartphone.

Powerful processors

As with a pc, the processor is the most important thing for a smartphone. Especially if the smartphone in question is intended for gaming. It must have a very powerful processor so that the smartphone supports the game and does not lag. Thus it can provide a good customer experience. The most recommended processors these days are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 and 712, or Samsung’s Exyos961x and Hisilicon Kirin 710x.

Good graphics cards

Graphics cards are responsible for making images appear on the screen. In terms of smartphones, it is important to point out that games adapted for this type of support do not require as good a graphics card as those for PC for example. However, it is good to have a good graphics card. The most recommended are ARM Mali G72 and Adreno 616.

Definition is screen resolution

To be able to play perfectly, it is important to have enough space on the screen to control the game. A screen size greater than 6.4 inches would be the minimum.

Our choice of smartphone for gamers

We present you a choice of phone for gamer:

The Black Shark 3:

This smartphone has all the components best suited to a gamer including:

  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor;
  • The Adreno 650 graphics card.

The phone producer has, however, innovated in terms of the cooling system . It implemented liquid cooling technology that surrounds the rest of the system. It will position itself above and below the latter. They also thought of all the details to avoid overheating by positioning the most heat-prone components away from hand positions to avoid heat build-up. On the other hand, its rather imposing and heavy format as well as the lack of certification for sealing remains a negative point of the product.

The Xiaomi Mi11

This phone offers the most powerful processor of any smartphone to date. In other words, its processor can largely fulfill its mission during a game. Also its high definition 2 K screen will allow the gamer to enjoy the game in all its splendour. By offering an almost perfect image quality. However, from a cooling system point of view, there can be drawbacks given its platform which tends to heat up quickly. This can possibly be a problem for a gamer. But of course it all depends on the frequency of use.

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