Gaming Chair: Everything you need to know

Given the length of time a gamer spends playing, it is important that it is well installed and comfortable, for this we find a wide range of gaming chairs, marketed by many brands. The main interest in the manufacture of this type of product is to allow the user to spend hours seated without feeling pain or discomfort after a certain time of play. It is also possible to find the chair that suits to the gamer, at an affordable price, after comparing the different models.

Why buy a gaming chair?

Most gamers spend hours or even days playing video games non-stop. This is an activity which is most often attractive and dependent, which thus implies an absolute concentration of the user in his game, and therefore a playing time which can sometimes be surprising. Thus, since the player will spend most of his time in a seated position, it is important that he has a suitable chair, in which he will feel comfortable, and which can prevent the occurrence of back pain. Thus, we distinguish different models of gaming chair, judged against many criteria among which we distinguish:

  • The maximum capacity;
  • The design of the armrest;
  • The inclination of the backrest;
  • The upholstery of the armchair;
  • The size of the seat.

And it is from these parameters that the player will compare the different models of chairs, and choose the one that is best suited to his morphology, but also to his playing time.

The characteristics of the different gaming chairs

The design of gaming chairs is quite characteristic, given that this one will have to adapt to the players destined to own this chair. It is possible to buy a basic armchair suitable for less than 100 €; , or a rather expensive high-end armchair. However, the higher the price, the more features the chair has. Thus, it will depend on the playing time, and the morphology of the player.

For example, we distinguish the IWMH Racing armchair, it is an armchair with a maximum capacity of 113 kg. It has a fixed armrest, however its back does not tilt. This one is made of leather, with a seat size S. It should also be noted that this is a model that is more or less affordable, with a price below 100 €;, and although it is more economical than others, it also has some features, and it is also a good quality chair. In addition, it has a beautiful design, which makes it an attractive product. However, it has certain drawbacks, such as its maximum capacity which is more or less low, its plastic composition which implies a rather reduced durability and its inadequacy for imposing morphologies. Thus, this model is best suited to children, and adults with an average size.

There are also DWD Racing chairs which have a maximum load capacity of 120 kg, as well as an armrest which is fixed, and they are also devoid of a backrest tilt system. This is a leather armchair, with a seat size of category S. This armchair also has a price below 100 €, it is a very good quality model. It is similar to the previous one. This is a very affordable product, suitable for small budgets. However, although this model is affordable, it is still small, only suitable for use by children or people of small build. From an aesthetic point of view, it is quite simple. Also, for players with an intense gaming schedule, which can last a whole day, this one is not suitable.

We also distinguish the Songmics OBG28G , with a load capacity of 150 kg, having a retractable armrest. However, it remains devoid of a backrest tilt system. It is a leather armchair, with a seat size ranging from S to M. This model is a little larger than the previous ones, and at the same time a little more expensive. This one has a greater load capacity, and therefore more suitable for more imposing morphologies. This is a very good quality product. It also has additional features, including the retractable armrest, which allows players to move more freely. In terms of design, this one is beautiful, and relative to its price.

Where to find gaming chairs?

There are many sites that offer different models of gaming chairs, with a detailed presentation of the different characteristics of each model, necessary to make a good comparison, and thus to choose the most suitable product for the user. It is also possible to buy the armchair directly in store , and to try it out directly.

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