Noosa map in PUBG Mobile – Everything you need to know

We will tell you everything about the location of Noosa in PUBG Mobile. You will learn about five key features of the new battle royale map.

One of the best aspects of PUBG Mobile is the beautiful and detailed maps. Each map has its own characteristics and unique terrain. And this, in turn, makes the gameplay at each location truly exciting. During the PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Finals, the developers revealed that Update 2.2 will be adding a new map called Noosa to the game.

Noosa will be the seventh PUBG Mobile Battle Royale map. Update 2.2 beta is now available to players. Therefore, everyone can test new features even before the official release of the update to the main version of the game.

Everything you need to know about the Noosa map in PUBG Mobile


Zipline is a feature that was previously introduced on the Livik map. Players can use the zipline to move quickly from the ground to high positions and vice versa.

Return to match

The return to match mechanism was a really cool feature in events like Spider-Man, Jujutsu Kaisen and Ancient Secret. That is why the developers have implemented this feature in the new map. You no longer have to worry about getting eliminated too early, as your teammate can get you back in the game.


An elevator is a good way to quickly get to the top of a tall building. It will serve as a great alternative to the Zipline function.

New weapon

A new shotgun without recoil and a fiery crossbow will appear in the game. This new shotgun is sure to become a very popular weapon, especially in close range fights. The Fire Crossbow is also a very powerful weapon as it can set some houses on fire with just one shot.

Recovery pool

Pools will appear on the new map, which will help players restore their health levels. When you are in the pool, you cannot move quickly or shoot. Therefore, before using the pool, first make sure that there are no enemies in the nearby area. This is dangerous, but at the same time a great way to get a quick HP recovery.

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