Freeze Panes Excel: It’s Really Easy!

For those who are working with Microsoft Excel, of course, they are familiar with the Freeze Panes Excel feature. With this feature, you can freeze rows or columns on a worksheet or worksheet in Microsoft Excel.

This feature can also make some sections of the table still displayed even though you are scrolling through it. See the below steps to understand how to freeze panes in excel!

What is Freeze Panes in Excel?

Freeze Panes Excel function to lock columns and or rows so that when scrolled (scroll) down or up to view the sheet (sheet). Then, locked columns and/or rows will still remain on the screen without being able to be shifted.

  • The location of the Freeze Panes in Excel is above the tabs of the Microsoft Excel window.
  • To enable Freeze Panes Excel, click the View tab, click the Freeze Panes drop-down menu and select Freeze Panes.
  • If the Freeze Panes are already active, then Excel will be able to insert a thin line to indicate where the Excel worksheet is locked.

How to Freeze columns and rows in Excel

Quoted from the Microsoft page, here are the steps that you must do when you want to freeze Excel columns and rows.

  1. Freeze columns in Excel
  • Open Microsoft Excel on your computer or laptop. You can open old files or create new worksheets.
  • To freeze the first column only, click the ‘View’ tab and click ‘Freeze’ and select ‘Freeze First Column’.
  • If you want to freeze two or more columns, the trick is to select the third column or the column after it. Then, click ‘Show’ and press ‘Freeze Panel’ and select ‘Freeze Panel’.
  • Automatically, the column will freeze and if you want to scroll sideways then the first column will still be visible.
  1. Freeze rows in Excel
  • On the Microsoft Excel worksheet that has been opened, click the ‘View’ tab and press ‘Freeze Panes’. Select ‘Freeze Top Row’.
  • Then, if you want to freeze the top two or more rows, then select the third row or after it. Then, click the ‘View’ tab and click ‘Freeze Panes‘. Finally, select ‘Freeze Panel’
  • After that, if you scroll down, the row will stay in place and be visible. That way, the process of filling in the data that you are doing will be helped.

How to Freeze Excel Columns and Rows Quickly and Easily

How to freeze Excel columns and rows is to point the cursor below and to the right of the cells that are frozen. Then, click the ‘View’ tab and select ‘Freeze Panes’. Then, click on ‘Freeze Panel’. Here are the steps.

  1. Position the Cursor to the Right of the Freeze Cell

Open the Microsoft Excel file and then position the cursor below and to the right of the cell to be frozen. Click the ‘View’ tab and select ‘Freeze Panes’. Click ‘Freeze Panel’ to activate the freeze feature.

  1. Rows and Columns will be Freeze

The rows and columns you want will be frozen. So that when you move the cursor down or sideways, the columns and rows are still visible.

How to unfreeze Excel rows and columns

  • In the Excel file that you want to unfreeze rows and columns, click the ‘View’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Freeze Panels’ section and select ‘Unfreeze Panels’.
  • After that, all the columns and rows that you previously frozen will disappear.

That is how to Freeze Panes in Excel and how to Freeze columns and rows in Excel that you have to do. Freeze Panes Excel feature will make it easier for you to fill in and process data.

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