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As a good poker enthusiast , would you like to play some games online – against your friends or against other users from all over the world – but you don’t intend to spend money to play? No problem, there are many online poker titles that do not provide for any registration fee and can be played at no cost thanks to the bonus chips that are obtained during the matches.

Do you want some examples? Good. Here are some of the best free online poker games that can be played on PCs, smartphones and tablets. Those for computers can be used with any browser and operating system without installing any additional software. All you need is Adobe’s Flash Player, which is almost certainly already present in your system.

When it comes to free online poker games, we can only start with Zynga Poker , one of the most famous titles on the web that can be used not only from PCs but also from smartphones and tablets. Like many other “social” Texas Holdem, Zynga Poker has no entry fee and can be played for free, however it is based on a system of virtual chips that are needed to sit at the game tables and place your bets. These chips can be won during games, obtained through various bonuses (for example by inviting friends to join the game) or purchased if necessary with real money.

To play Zynga Poker, connect to the game’s website and click first on the Play Now button and then on Go to Game . If you haven’t done so yet, you’ll need to authenticate using your Facebook account data. Next, you have to choose the table to sit on by selecting one from the home menu and clicking on the Go to table button (located at the bottom right). To view only the free tables, put the check mark next to Full . To list them based on the number of chips needed for bets, click on the Bets tab .

Another title that I recommend you to consider if you are looking for free online poker games is Bullfrog Poker by Miniclip which allows you to challenge other users all over the world without installing any program on your PC (such as Zynga Poker). The system on which Bullfrog Poker is based is that of virtual chips, which are necessary to place your bets and can be won in various ways.

To play your first Bullfrog Poker game, connect to the game’s official website and click on the Continue button . At this point, choose whether to play as a guest user (having a maximum limit of 3,000 chips) by clicking on the Play as guest button or to register for free on the site by clicking on Play (you will get 5,000 chips as an entrance bonus).

If you love to play on the go, from smartphones and tablets, know that there are excellent free online poker games also for Android and iOS. DH Texas Poker , for example, is a great Texas Holdem title for the Google operating system that allows you to play for free against other users around the world with a 50,000 chip entry bonus and other daily prizes. It includes various game modes: Play Now, Private Room, Select Casino and Sit & Go and is characterized by very accurate graphics.

In the iOS field, I would like to point out Fresh Deck Poker which is characterized by a beautiful cartoon graphics with customizable avatars. It includes numerous bonuses to get free chips and many different game modes. It also supports Facebook allowing you to challenge other users from all over the world. Also available for Android.


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