Fixing error CA 0001 in Fortnite

Many players have recently started to face a problem in the form of an endless authorization error in Epic Games services. First of all, players of the popular online game Fortnite from Epic Games faced this problem.

The error code CA 0001 is due to the fact that Epics ran into the servers on the Banhammer of RosKomNadzor, which is actively doing good and inflicting justice in an unequal struggle with the Telegram service. According to the method of “chopping wood, chips flying,” RKN accidentally blocked millions of IP addresses of Amazon and Google servers that host Epic Games servers.

Epic Games launcher CA 0001 Fortnine authorization error

As reported by Epic Games, they are trying to fix the problem. But the only thing that will definitely help solve the problem with CA 0001 in Fortnite during authorization is possible only when using a high-quality VPN or proxy server. Typically, VPNs and proxies with normal connection quality are paid. But even among the free services of a similar plan, you can find something suitable.

Method one. Proxy server.

This method will show you how to get around the CA 0001 error when logging into Epic Games online services using such a thing as a proxy, with minimal technical skills. The CA 0001 authorization error in Fortnite using a proxy server can be fixed in the following way:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Select “Internet Options” or “Internet Options”.
  • Go to “Connections” and select “Network Settings”.
  • Check “Use proxy server” and enter the data provided to you by the proxy provider – server address and port.
  • Save all settings and try to launch Fortnight.

This should fix the situation. But if suddenly this did not help, then it is worth turning to a more reliable, but at the same time, more complex method.

Method two. VPN

Often, several servers are offered to choose from, which are located in different parts of the world, which allows you to change the regional location and bypass the restrictions from the RKN. True, VPN has its own limitations, but they are not critical for us. Fortnite error CA 0001 using VPN, following a little instruction:

  • Find out the IP address of the router and the data for entering the settings – they, if you have not configured them, are standard and are indicated on a sticker located on the back or bottom of the case.
  • After making sure that you know the model and login information, go to the router’s web configurator by entering its IP address in the address bar of your browser.
  • Enter login and password.
  • Go to the section with network settings – as a rule, it is called ” Internet “, ” Network ” or ” Network settings “.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by your VPN service provider to set up each router model.

There is another option for setting up a VPN, but it requires the installation of additional software:

  • Download, following the instructions of the VPN provider, the settings file for the VPN;
  • Download and install, following the provider’s instructions, the software for using VPN on a PC.
  • Run the VPN service settings file, as indicated in the provider’s instructions for specific software.

Everything looks quite simple if you use the instructions from the provider when setting up the VPN connection itself or using special software. After setting up your VPN, be sure to try logging into Fortnight.


Thus, Epic Games, which did nothing wrong, became a victim of RKN blocking, which gamers could easily bypass and not without the help of Epics. It was suspected that a VPN could be banned, but the creators stated that they did not approve of the use of VPNs, but did not prohibit their use either. On the other hand, weak VPNs and proxies can affect the quality of the game, which should not be forgotten. But you need to remember that VPN increases the load on the router, so owners of old or weak models should consider purchasing a new router so that using a VPN does not bring more problems than benefits.

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