Emsisoft Emergency Kit – free antivirus utility package

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a free antivirus utility for scanning and removing malware from your computer. The Emsisoft Emergency Kit was created by the Austrian company Emsisoft, a manufacturer of computer security software.

From time to time, there are situations when the antivirus installed on the computer cannot cope with malicious programs that have penetrated the computer. At this time, the user’s computer becomes infected, therefore, in this case, special anti-virus scanners are used to fight viruses, which detect and remove the found threats.

For example, such anti-virus tools have gained wide popularity: Dr.WebCureIt!, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, HitmanPro, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and others. These programs are not designed to provide permanent protection against viruses, they are used mainly on computers that have already been infected, or when the user has suspicions about this.

A similar anti-virus solution is the free program Emsisoft Emergency Kit, which can help out the user if his computer is infected. The program will scan your computer for rootkits, trojans, viruses, worms, spyware and other malware. Found objects can be quarantined or deleted from the computer.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit, like other similar anti-virus solutions, does not require installation on a computer, as it is a portable program. The program can be run from any removable media.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a free antivirus scanner based on two engines produced by Emsisoft and Bitdefender.

You can download the installation file of the program from the official website of the manufacturer. The program runs on the Windows operating system.

After downloading the file, unpack it. By default, the program will be installed on the “C” drive, in the “EEK” folder. You can immediately install the program on a USB flash drive, or on another removable drive.

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit anti-virus software package consists of two utilities: “Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner” and “Emsisoft Commandline Scanner”.

  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner is a GUI based virus scanner.
  • Emsisoft Commandline Scanner is an antivirus scanner designed to work from the command line.

It will be possible to launch the necessary anti-virus utilities directly from the program folder by clicking on the desired application.

After starting the antivirus program, you will be prompted to update the antivirus signatures.

Further, after the update is completed, the initial window of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit anti-virus program will open.

Setting up a virus scan

The program can be launched from the folder where it is installed.

The program window contains several sections: “Update”, “Scanning”, “Quarantine”, “Reports”, between which you can switch.

In the “Update” section, the anti-virus databases are updated, which are loaded into the program, so that the anti-virus databases are always up to date.

From the “Scanning” section, you can start scanning your computer for viruses. You can immediately select the desired scan option: “threat scan” or “custom scan”.

You can go to the settings of the anti-virus utility after clicking on the “Settings” button, which is located at the bottom of the program window. Here it will be possible to uncheck the box next to the “Join Anti-Malware cloud technology” item in order not to send statistics about detected threats, program behavior, blocked sites to the program manufacturer (you can send statistics to the application manufacturer).

You can start scanning your computer for viruses from the “Scanning” section. In the Computer Scan window, you will need to select one of the scan options offered by the antivirus program.

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit program offers the following types of computer virus scans:

  • “Quick scan” – during a quick scan, active programs are scanned, and those places where malware is most often detected.
  • “Check for threats” – all programs and system data will be covered.
  • “Custom scan” – during a custom scan, you will have to create your own scan profile.

In the lower part of the window there are buttons: “Performance”, “Exception Editor”, “After verification” intended for utility settings.

In the Exclusions window, you can add a file, folder, process, or name so that this data is not checked during scanning by the Emsisoft Emergency Kit.

After clicking the “After scan” button, you can choose the necessary action for the program: create only a report or immediately place malicious files in quarantine.

Checking your computer in Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner

To start a computer scan, first select the type of scan, and then click the appropriate button. I chose to check my computer option – “Quick check”.

This will start the process of scanning your computer for virus threats. If necessary, you can use the “Pause” or “Stop” buttons to pause the computer scan for viruses, or stop the scan altogether.

After the scan is completed, the result of the program scan will be displayed.

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit virus scanner found several suspicious objects on my computer. True, if you look at the details, you can see that they do not pose a danger to my computer.

To get the result of the scan, click on the “Reports” button, after which a file in TXT format will be opened, with a report on the computer scan performed. After reviewing the received report, you will be able to better understand what exactly the virus scanner found on your computer.

You can click on the “Quarantine” button to move found objects to quarantine, or click on the “Delete” button to remove suspicious or malicious objects from your computer. If necessary, you can start a new check by clicking on the “New check” button.

Custom Scan in Emsisoft Emergency Kit

You can create your own custom scan profile with specific settings.

To create a custom scan profile, in the “Scanning” section, click the “Custom Scan” link.

After that, a new window “Custom computer” will open, in which you will need to make the appropriate settings in the program.

First you will need to select the appropriate drive or add another object. Then you will need to select specific settings for scanning your computer for viruses. In order not to select the same set of settings again, the selected settings can be saved using the “Save Settings” button.

To start scanning your computer, click the “Next” button.

Quarantine in Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The “Quarantine” section will contain objects that have been added to the quarantine. By opening the “Quarantine” window, you can manage the objects located there.

You can add a new object to the quarantine, restore the object on the computer, or delete the object from the computer.

From the quarantined object, you can save a copy, send it for analysis, or rescan the object again.

In the “Settings” section, in the “Recheck Quarantine” subsection, you can change the utility’s settings. By default, the “Quiet” setting item is selected. This means that the Emsisoft Emergency Kit program will automatically rescan the quarantine after each update of the anti-virus databases.

If you select the “Manual” option, then the quarantine check will be carried out only after the user himself clicks on the “Recheck” button for this.

If you select the “Do not rescan” option, scanning of quarantined files will be prohibited.

Program Performance Reports

In the “Reports” section, you can get information about detected threats. Here you can open for review: “Quarantine log”, “Scan log”, “Update log”.

You can get detailed information here, or, if necessary, export this data to your computer.

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner

The Emsisoft Commandline Scanner utility does not have a graphical shell; the scanner is designed to work from the command line. This scanner has similar functionality to the Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner, but without the GUI.

You can learn more about the settings and parameters of the Emsisoft Commandline Scanner utility on the official website of the program developer.

Article Conclusions

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a free antivirus utility designed to scan and clean your computer from detected malicious threats.

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