“Configuration is incorrect or not set” error in Smite when trying to log in

When you try to play using the button on the game launcher, you are redirected to the game screen of the general login to the game system. In this case, the error “Configuration is incorrect or not specified” appears.

Solution # 1

This is the most effective remedy for this problem. This is what the numerous posts of members of the forum indicate.

  • Run “InstallHirezService.exe”.
  • Delete all files and then re-run the installer.

In this case, a message may pop up: “Waiting for game data” and even 2-3 disconnections from the login system, but after several attempts, the login to the game is restored. Your actions (the InstallHirezService.exe folder lies along this path):

  • Login to Steam.
  • Right-click Smite / Properties / Browse Local Files / Binaries / Redist.

Solution # 2

If this error appears again because the anti-cheat is not installed or does not start, do the following manipulations.

  • Go to the folder with the Smite game, there is a subfolder “Easy anti cheat”, which should contain the installer. It can be called “Easyanticheat_setup.exe”.
  • Run this file as administrator and install it again.

If EAC Smite is not displayed in the list, try running smiteEAC.exe from the win 32 folder.

Solution # 3

One of the forums praises this method. During the gameplay, the EasyAntiCheat program must be running. If, when starting the game, the message “The configuration is incorrect ….” appears, you need to reinstall EAC, according to the specified instructions:

  • Open “Start”, section “All Programs”.
  • Right-click on the icon and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Confirm the action.
  • This will open a command prompt. Please note that the title of the window says “Administrator”. The command line should also have a “system32” folder.
  • Change the folder to the one where the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file is located. Execute one of the commands (i.e. you need to enter):
  1. Steam installation:
  2. Separate installation:
  • Then enter this command into the COP:
  • Press Enter and the EAC installer will start.
  • Select Install.

Wait for the “Installation complete” message. Then press the green “Finish” button.

Solution # 4

Many players have been helped by fixing the integrity of the game files. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • After an unsuccessful login attempt, restart your computer.
  • Then start Steam and open the Library.
  • Right-click on the Smite game and select the Properties section.
  • Then go to “Local files” / “Check the integrity of the game files …”.
  • Steam will check the integrity of the game files in a few minutes.
  • Once verified, Steam will show you how many files have been damaged and will automatically download them, replacing the damaged files.

If the files were checked successfully, i.e. no damaged ones were found – it means that there is a problem with the game settings or your computer.

Solution # 5

This is the most drastic method for resolving the “Configuration is incorrect …” in the Smite game authorization error. You need to go through two steps. STEP 1. Complete removal of SMITE / HiPatch / Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service. Users recommend to carry out the procedure using the “Uninstall Tool” program, which can be downloaded here:


… This program removes not only game folders, but also qualitatively cleans the register from everything that is connected in one way or another with the game.

  • Run “Uninstall_Tool”.
  • Click on “Install and Follow”.
  • This window will open.
  • When you hover the cursor over any program, a menu will appear on the left displaying functions that can be used.

– “Uninstallation”. Launches the standard uninstaller schema. After the end of the procedure, the Uninstall Tool offers to start a search for possible leftovers (registry keys, folders, files). A very useful option.

  • The search for traces is complete – click “Delete”.

– Forced deletion (another option). It is used when the first delete function fails. Hover your cursor over the folder where the game’s installation file is and select “Force uninstall”. A window like this will appear:

  • Click Yes. The program will find the slightest traces of the game and safely remove them.

STEP 2. Go to the official website


– download the installer file again.

  • Unzip the file.
  • Start the installation.
  • Once completed, the error shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Start the game!

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