CATS portal – website for cat lovers

The CATS-portal site is all about wild and domestic cats, this wonderful site contains a lot of information about this animal.

Most people love, and many of us, have pets at home. One of these pets is a cat.

Companion of man – a cat

A cat is one of the most mysterious animals that lives next to a person. Despite the fact that cats have been living next to people for a very long time, they are also one of the most independent animals. No wonder cats are very difficult to train.

They have mysterious abilities, for example, cats can find their way home if they get into an unfamiliar place. I have seen the truth of this statement from my own experience.

When you see this expressive look, bottomless eyes looking at you, and then you begin to notice that the mood is already changing for the better. Cats have some kind of healing power when exposed to a sick person, they help relieve pain, having a beneficial effect on his health. It is hard to imagine the life of many people without communicating with these graceful animals.

CATS portal about cats

On the main page of the CATS-portal site there are links to various materials posted on this site. After clicking on the appropriate link, you will be taken to the page of the site dedicated to a specific topic or to the page of the corresponding section of this site.

The left column contains various CATS-portal news dedicated to our beloved pets.

Links to the main sections of the site are placed in the central part of the site page. From here, you can follow the link to the “Catalogue of Cat Breeds”, where you can get various information about a particular breed of cats.

There is also a link to the “Announcement Board”, which contains information about the schedule of exhibitions and other similar information. From here you can get to the page with virtual “Postcards with kittens”, where you can, after choosing a postcard, send it along with a congratulation to the addressee by e-mail.

Even lower, there is a link to the “Shop”, where you can buy books about cats, various decorations, t-shirts and mugs with the image of cats.

Further down the page is a link to the “CAT Forum” where you can ask questions and discuss various cat related topics. From here you can go to the page of the social network of cat lovers “Russiancats”.

You can go to the cat portal here .

The right column of the main page of the portal contains links to various sections of the CATS portal.

From the “CATS-addresses” section, you can get to the addresses of various clubs, shelters, veterinary clinics for cats. The CATS Publications section contains links to pages with tips on caring for cats.

This column also contains the section “CATS-humor” dedicated to cats. In the “CATS-library” section, by clicking on the appropriate links, you can read various literature dedicated to cats.

The CATS Videos, CATS Galleries, and CATS Recreation sections contain links to relevant topics.

Below the advertising block, there is a section “CATS-Downloads”, from where you can download various graphic and video files dedicated to cats to your computer. You can learn about the nicknames of cats and other sites from the “CATS-miscellaneous” section.

Article Conclusions

The CATS portal contains a large amount of various and useful information about our pets.

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