Can’t import photos on Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Since the launch of Windows, users have faced problems while trying to import photos from their external devices (cameras, phones) to their computer. Below are the ways to resolve this issue.

Changing security settings

  • Right click on the Pictures folder in Explorer -> Properties .
  •  ” Security “.
  • In the username, click HomeUsers User .
  • In the System Permissions section , click Full Control .
  • Repeat steps 3-4 for administrators (all users).
  • If you do not see the downloaded photos, restart the device, then try again.

Restoring the default settings for the Pictures folder

According to users, sometimes path settings cause problems uploading photos to Windows.

  • Find the ” Images ” directory , click on ” Properties “.
  • Open ” Location ” -> ” Restore to Default “. Choose Apply OK .

Checking the camera setup

Alternatively, the device itself caused a failure, be sure to check its configuration. Make sure to select MTP PTP mode .

Antivirus check

Antivirus is an essential component of the operating system because it protects against malware, but unfortunately it can cause problems with photo import. All devices connect to PC via USB cable and many antivirus tools block USB devices by default, please unplug them. Several users recommend disabling including the firewall at boot time.

Manual copying of information

  • Connect your phone or camera to your computer.
  • Open your computer and go to your devices.
  • Go> ” Internal storage ” ” Map of the SD “. If images are stored in internal memory, open ” Internal storage “. On the other hand, if you store them on a microSD SD card , then SD cards .
  •      Next   DCIM Camera directory , and all the photos of the video are there

Launching the “Photos” application via administrator

If there are failures with the import, then the problem is the lack of administrative rights. To fix this, make sure to run the application through an administrator.

  • Find a photo moving app.
  • Click Run as administrator .

Configuring the application to use administrative privileges:

  • Right-click Import Utility> Properties .
  • Compatibility and check Run this program as an administrator Apply OK .

Using third-party applications

ACDSee Photo Editor and Photo Manager Deluxe are great utilities to help you manage your files. They have a clear and simple interface. Download them using a search engine or from a torrent.

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