Best Samsung smartwatch: buying guide

Samsung was one of the first companies to seriously focus on wearables. Perhaps its first smartwatches did not shine for reliability and performance – in fact, they did not achieve the success of the public hoped for – but now things have changed. The Korean giant has treasured past experiences and, over time, has managed to “churn out” a series of extremely interesting devices; devices that now place it in a leadership role in the wearable device sector.

Although competing products are making great strides, Samsung smartwatches remain among the most complete and reliable wearables available on the market, not only because they offer an extremely broad feature set but also because their compatibility is expanding more and more. Despite being tailor-made for Android smartphones produced by the same Korean company, in fact, Samsung’s smartwatches can be combined with any Android smartphone animated by Android 4.4 with at least 1.5GB of RAM and, through a special free app, even with the iPhones of Apple. This, in a nutshell, means that they are compatible with the vast majority of smartphones currently available on the market.

If you want to know more, read on. Today I want to offer you a small buying guide through which to get to know Samsung smartwatches more closely, analyze their technical characteristics and find out if there is someone that suits you. I bet yes, but the strong price factor (one of the main pain points of these products) could hold you back from trying one.


  • How to choose a Samsung smartwatch
    • Smartwatch vs Smartband
    • Technical features
    • Compatibility
  • Which Samsung smartwatch to buy
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
    • Samsung Fit 2

How to choose a Samsung smartwatch

Before discovering the various Samsung smartwatch models currently on the market, let me clarify your ideas on the technical characteristics of these devices and the differences that characterize them.

Smartwatch vs Smartband

Smartwatches aren’t the only type of wearable produced by Samsung. There are also virtual reality viewers (which we will not deal with today) and smartbands, which are very similar to smartwatches and therefore we will examine in the article.

The smartband, which can be also called fitness band or fitness tracker, are primarily focused on devices tracking of sporting activities. They have the shape of bracelets with a display in the center, they show the time like smartwatches but have fewer functions than the latter in terms of communication and available apps. Generally, they are cheaper than smartwatches (for the same market range) and there are also low-cost models that do not have a display, ensure a very long autonomy and track only essential data such as the distances traveled and the calories burned.

The smartwatch – needless to say – are the “smart” watches that let you see the time, track sports, receive notifications on your smartphone, take calls (select models only), use apps and more. They are certainly among the most complete wearable devices ever and can be suitable for various purposes: those dedicated specifically to sport, which include GPS, have functions specifically designed for tracking sports activities and are often waterproof, they are called sport watches.

Technical features

And now here are some technical and aesthetic features that you must take into consideration before choosing a smartwatch or a “smart” bracelet with a Samsung brand.

  • Size, materials and straps– trivial as it may seem, this is invaluable advice. Before buying a smartwatch or a Samsung smartband, carefully evaluate the size of the latter, its weight on the wrist, the quality of its construction materials and the variety of straps available: having a smartwatch that can change “skin” with various straps makes the device more durable and fun to use.
  • Display– the display of a smartwatch can be square or circular and use various types of panels. The circular displays, which Samsung favors, offer a smaller action area than square ones but are more beautiful to look at and in line with what is the traditional look of a watch. As for the type of panel used, Samsung for its smartwatches uses Super AMOLED panels that are slightly less visible under sunlight than the IPS LCD ones (used by other manufacturers, especially in the economic field) but ensure a very faithful reproduction of the black (as the pixels are not backlit and therefore the black ones are effectively off) and reduced energy consumption.
  • Resistance to water and dust– most Samsung wearables are resistant to water and dust, in any case, before buying one, check the certification for waterproofness and resistance to dust.
  • Notifications and calls– all Samsung wearables are able to receive notifications from the smartphone and respond to them. Not all, however, allow you to respond vocally (dictating the text to be written), by freely typing the text to be sent to your interlocutor (some limit the choice to predefined answers to be set on the smartphone) and, more importantly, not all allow to answer calls hands-free because not everyone has a speaker.
  • Sensors and Features– Wearable devices can have various sensors and components, and therefore various functionalities. Among the most important sensors are those for detecting the heartbeat, the barometer (to measure heights and changes in atmospheric pressure), the brightness sensor (without, the screen does not automatically adjust its brightness) and then obviously the GPS .
  • Battery– before buying a smartwatch or a smartband it is good to also check its autonomy, therefore the battery life. Smartwatches have a maximum autonomy of 1-2 days, but the use of sensors such as GPS can greatly reduce their duration (reaching 3 or 4 hours). Smartbands, given their more limited set of functions, generally have a longer autonomy than smartwatches.


Unlike what you might think, Samsung smartwatches are not equipped with Android Wear, but with Tizen OS: an operating system developed by the Korean company that has compatibility with a wide range of smartphones.

In fact, Samsung smartwatches and smart bands are compatible with all Android smartphones with Android 4.4 (or later) and at least 1.5GB of RAM and with iPhones starting from iPhone 5 with iOS 9 or later (after installing the Samsung Gear app S on the smartphone).

At the moment, on the iPhone some features available on Android are missing such as the ability to respond to notifications, but the overall user experience is still excellent. On the Android terminals produced by Samsung there are some small exclusive functions, such as the synchronization of emails with the smartwatch, which are missing on other devices.

Which Samsung smartwatch to buy

At this point, I would say not to get lost in chat further and to see which Samsung smartwatch or smartband could do the most for you. Good fun!

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch was the company’s first smartwatch to use this type of Korean brand for wearables. It is still offered in two models with 46mm and 42mm cases and has a circular form factor like the one we find in traditional watches. Just to remember the classic models, the possibility is available to set dials that reproduce the hands not only visually, but also as regards the ticking and depth effect.

To be precise, the smartwatch is available with a 42mm case now only in the Bluetooth version but with the Midnight Black and Rose Gold colors, while in the 46mm variant we only have the Silver color. The dial is obviously customizable based on the user’s preferences, or even the mood of a particular moment. The strap is also customizable with models that are easily available on the market: the 42mm version supports 20mm straps, the 46mm version supports 22mm straps.

Even Galaxy Watch, like all Samsung wearables, make use of the Tizen operating system, while as regards the display we have a 1.2 ″ on the 42mm version and a 1.3 ″ for the 46mm version, both SuperAMOLED and 360 × resolution. 360 pixels. The integrated chipset is a 1.15 GHz dual-core which is supported on Bluetooth-only models with 0.75 GB of RAM and 4 GB of storage.

As for the battery it must be said that the 46mm version is much better, which mounts a 472 mAh unit and offers over 80 hours of autonomy with a characteristic use, bringing the thickness to about 13 mm. The 42mm version, on the other hand, stops at 45 hours, with a thickness that is not much smaller (12.7 mm). Both models have GPS mode that works in open spaces: the largest can be used for 23 hours with this mode, the smallest for only 14 hours.

For the rest, the two models have the same characteristics, especially as regards those related to fitness. The new Galaxy Watch is aimed at lovers of wellness and allows you to monitor over 39 types of training as if you constantly had a personal trainer on your wrist. In addition, they have a heart rate monitor for continuous heart rate analysis, and can automatically calculate the calories burned during physical activities. All in combination with the Samsung Health smartphone app .

In addition to the features related to fitness, the Samsung Galaxy Watch can be used to receive smartphone notifications, to plan the day and receive reminders, it supports many third-party apps and can be used in almost all circumstances thanks to its waterproofness up to 5 ATM. which also enables it for tracking swimming skills or in the rain. The NFC module also allows you to make payments in total safety, while the LTE versions allow you to leave the house without the obsession of carrying your smartphone around.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest version of the most powerful and functional smartwatch among the company’s wearables. It is clearly the evolution of the first version and retains some of the features that made Samsung’s smartwatch one of the best on the market. In this case, many things change, both aesthetically and in terms of functions and hardware, allowing Samsung’s Watch 3 to keep up with the times.

In the meantime, you need to know that there are two different variants of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 based on the size of the circular case. In this case you can choose between a 41 mm version (aimed more at women or those with a smaller wrist) and the 45 mm version. Not only because you can also choose between the versions with only Bluetooth connection to the smartphone or even the LTE version that will allow you to leave the smartphone at home and still be able to use the smartwatch even outside, receiving notifications, messages or anything else. Finally, there is also the more expensive version which takes the name Titanium and which has a more premium and resistant material such as titanium.

One of its most important features that distinguish it from other smartwatches is undoubtedly the presence of the rotating bezel on the case. What does it allow to do in addition to having an aesthetic function? It will certainly allow you to act on the menus and on the graphical interface more precisely by navigating between applications. Three premium colors: Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze.

On a technical level you will find a larger display than the previous model to optimize the visibility of what matters. Not only because the watch is also thinner and smaller, the Galaxy Watch 3 weighs 15% less and has a refined look that blends perfectly with your wrist. The display is a Super AMOLED with Gorilla Glass DX of the size of 1.2 “for the 41 mm version and 1.4” for the 45 mm version. The case is instead in aluminum with a leather strap suitable for all occasions because it is light but also robust at the same time and practically the same as a real watch. The battery it is 247 mAh (41 mm) and 340 mAh (45 mm) and for both there is resistance to 5ATM in addition to IP68 certification or even MIL-STD-810G military certification to be able to use it really anywhere without worry.

The software is the classic Samsung Tizen that is slightly refined for this new version of Watch 3. There is synchronization between notifications, deleting it from the watch will already be read also in the smartphone. It is possible, from the notifications, to view images and reply via keyboard, emoji, voice message or pre-set response. Plus, tons of software features with the Samsung Health app. In this case there is the automatic detection of sports activity (up to 120 training programs), that of sleep but also, thanks to a red LED and infrared rays, the estimate of your SpO2 levels, i.e. the amount of oxygen present in your bloodstream.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a latest release version that makes its strength a lighter and more minimal design than Galaxy Watch 3 while maintaining excellent technical characteristics. You will love it if you are a technology enthusiast for the many smartwatch features, but also if you are a true sportsman for the wide choice of dedicated profiles with training, for the presence of GPS, barometer and an advanced sensor for detection heart rate. And then you will like it even if you care about elegance because it has a minimal and particularly well-finished design.

Dimensionally, it has two different dimensions. There is the smaller variant which has a 40mm circular dial diagonal. This version has a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display. Then there is also the larger version that from its sees a diagonal of the case equal to 44 mm and has a panel, also Super AMOLED, but from 1.4 inches. For both versions, however, the display resolution is 360 x 360 pixels and is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass DX + 4.

Speaking instead of the technical data sheet of this smartwatch version, I tell you that you will find a lot of technology on board and of the latest generation. The heart features an Exynos 9110 SoC with 1.15 GHz dual core CPU flanked by 4 GB of internal storage memory and 768 MB or 1.5 GB of RAM based on the classic Bluetooth or LTE version. For the rest there are a myriad of sensors and the top of connectivity such as a sensor for detecting the heartbeat, improved compared to the previous model and also compatible with the ECG function (electrocardiogram), Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi b / g / n, LTE (in the dedicated version), NFC, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, A-GPS, barometer, accelerometer and brightness sensor. Then there is the battery which in the 40 mm version is 247 mAh while in the larger 44 mm version it reaches 340 mAh. In both cases, charging takes place with a convenient wireless charger.

Impeccable construction and important resistances will also allow you to take it with you in the water for diving up to 5 ATM as well as having various certifications such as the military MIL-STD-810G and the classic IP68 water and dust. The classic version has a lightweight aluminum body (plus rubber strap), while in the premium variant you can have stainless steel that goes well with the leather strap supplied. The weight is truly ephemeral as it is only 26 or 37 grams for the 40 mm version depending on the aluminum or steel variant and 30 or 42 grams for the larger 44 mm version.

Here, too, is Tizen OS as an operating system. Lots of features especially dedicated to fitness and sport as well as health. You can manually track up to 39 types of workouts, 7 of which are auto-activated (running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing machine, elliptical machine and other types of dynamic workouts). There is even the Running Coach function, to get help in training, and integration with the Samsung Health application that will allow you to always have ECG under control but also other features such as steps and sleep and much more. There is integration with Spotify and also the translator thanks to Google. Many colors: Rose Gold, Silver and Black.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
Samsung Galxy Fit 2 is a real smart bracelet designed for your well-being and also for your fitness. Samsung’s idea is to make you have a small concentrate of technology on your wrist that is effective for monitoring any type of physical activity you do but also to have results that are of a good level as regards the detection of the heartbeat, of the sleep or footsteps. A complete product that costs less than you think. Meanwhile, I’ll explain how it is done.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is a small bracelet that however has a quality display since I tell you that it is an AMOLED1.1 inch, protected by a 3D glass. Small but elongated and this will allow you to have optimal readability even when you are running and out in the sun. Moreover, the fact that it has a 3D glass accentuates its design which is certainly more elegant. Galaxy Fit 2 will be able to accompany you on the busiest days without ever bothering and this thanks to its only 11.1 mm thickness, it is slimmer and more comfortable than its predecessor, and in addition it has a special groove along the strap that avoids the accumulation of sweat. It is not just a fitness tracker: it is a real trendy and fun accessory as it has more than 70 dials at your disposal to adapt to any situation whether elegant or informal.

Clearly it is a smartband and for this you can really take it anywhere. In the pool since it has certification for diving up to 5ATM and then also resistance up to 50 meters deep with IP68 certification. You can also take it with you for extreme sport as the band will allow you to monitor training sessions so you can focus on your goals. It will be able to recognize up to 5 types of training and for these it will provide you with all kinds of information such as time, heart rate, calories burned and many other healthy parameters. Convenient then the function that allows you not to forget to wash your hands. In this case, you can set reminders at regular intervals by also starting a timer during the functionality.

Clearly you can associate the Samsung Fit 2 to your smartphone and with the brand application you can always have any type of notification on your wrist with the ability to manage responses to notifications but also music playback without having to pick up the smartphone. Cute and comfortable, it also works for stress management which at times could be decisive for good physical and mental health. And there is also sleep tracking with the ability to see all stages directly on the Samsung Health app.

The battery has a capacity of 159 mAh and guarantees 15 days of autonomy which can reach up to 21 depending on the mode of use. Charging takes place through two contacts on the back of the main unit, similar to what happened with the original model. Dimensionally then the band is very small with its 46.6 x 18.6 x 11.1 mm and only 21 grams of weight. Finally, two colors: the classic black and a funnier red.

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Other Samsung smartwatches

If you want an even more complete overview of Samsung’s wearable devices, take a “leap” to the official website of the Korean company: there you will find the complete list of wearables currently on the market and their main features.


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