A selection of gadgets that you just need to buy and that’s it

Sometimes you just want to buy something interesting and / or unusual. As a result, we go to the vastness of online shopping and start looking for the right products. The situation is complicated by the fact that we do not have a specific goal and there is no need to close, except for the very fact of the purchase. So it turns out that searches give nothing. To make it easier for you to find what to spend a few hundred rubles on, we publish such collections and find something interesting for you. This time, let’s talk about gadgets that are scattered across categories, but that don’t make them less interesting, but, on the contrary, attract even more attention.

There are gadgets that you want to buy.

In addition to the products in this selection, we have a small surprise for you, but more about it at the end of the article.


  • Powerful charging cable
  • How to check blood oxygen levels at home
  • Neon sign for home
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Lamp Xiaomi
  • Compact electric pump
  • Organizer for wires
  • Powerful charging

Powerful charging cable

Fast charging has become a real trend. But besides her, there are also laptops and other gadgets that need to be charged with high current power. They need a wire that can handle this. And here he is.

This wire can charge even the most demanding devices.

It is produced by Baseus, known for its high-quality and still relatively inexpensive accessories. The cable has a USB Type-C connector on both sides , and the length can be selected according to the needs. For reliability, he received a fabric braid and a reinforced connector. Suitable for smartphones, tablets and laptops with USB Type-C.

How to check blood oxygen levels at home

Now it has become especially important to use devices for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. Times are challenging, and oxygen levels are the main indicator of lung health. Such sensors began to appear in smartwatches and bracelets, but there are also separate devices.

Knowing the oxygen level in the blood is now more important than ever.

Such a clothespin is easy to attach to your finger, and the readings are quite accurate for this price. The essence of the device is simple, and as a result of the measurement, you will know your pulse and the level of oxygen in the blood .

Neon sign for home

There are a lot of ways to decorate your home, office and other places of residence / work / leisure. One of them is neon signs. Here are a few more of these for quite decent money.

Uncomplicated and beautiful

They come in different colors and patterns. Hanging them on the wall is easy thanks to the attachment at the top. Some of them will look better while standing, though. The only pity is that they do not run on batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery. We’ll have to plug them in, but the wire is almost invisible .

Cabinet lighting

Some cabinets initially have illumination, but not all, but it is so convenient when you open it, and it is light there. This accessory makes it easy to “tune” your wardrobe.

It will be light in the closet

It is attached to the standard cabinet hinge , and when it is opened, the button on it is unlocked, and the LED lighting turns on. The principle is simple and straightforward. It is somewhat reminiscent of turning on the backlight in the refrigerator. If you need more light, you can hang them at least on each loop.

Lamp Xiaomi

House light is needed not only for light. It is also needed to create an atmosphere and achieve a certain level of comfort. This will be easier than ever before with a lamp like this.

Coziness and warmth in the house.

This is a “keg”, which has touch control, changes the brightness and is controlled through the application or a voice assistant. There’s even support for Siri and HomeKit . And the night mode with a brightness of only 2 lumens will allow you not to think about nightlights.

Compact electric pump

Small but smart – perhaps this is how this compressor can be characterized. Weighing only 480 grams and a size comparable to a smartphone or power bank, it allows you to pump up the wheel of a car, bicycle, scooter, hoverboard and other equipment. Also suitable for sports equipment such as balls, cheesecakes and the like.

This pump is almost smaller in size than a bicycle pump, but it can be much larger.

Inside there is a built-in battery based on two 18650 cells. Below is a USB Type-C for charging connection . Such a gadget will never be superfluous in the glove compartment or in a backpack while cycling.

Organizer for wires

When you go somewhere, it will not be superfluous to take an external battery and a couple of wires with you. I don’t want to carry them in bulk. Better to buy a handy organizer.

Everything will be in one place

The size of a wallet, this accessory allows you to place a power bank, two wires and even a smartphone in it. It closes with a zipper and keeps your accessories in one place.

Powerful charging

Remember at the beginning of the article I talked about the wire? This accessory will perfectly complement it. Moreover, it is also produced by Baseus. This is a high wattage power adapter.

All gadgets will be charged.

It can connect almost all mobile equipment that is at home. Power of 100 W is enough to simultaneously power a smartphone, tablet, watch, headphones and even a laptop. The main thing is that there are enough connectors.

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