How to fall asleep using a smartphone

Someone uses a smartphone for games, someone – to listen to music , and some – to watch videos. It seems that in 2022 a smartphone can do everything at all, all that remains is to find a suitable application for your tasks. Did you know that a smartphone helps you fall asleep, and not only interferes by emitting blue light in the middle of the night or before bed? There are cool features and apps that can help you sleep and relax. All this has been tested on ourselves and does not even require additional investments. Here are some ways to sleep late at night or in the middle of the night to get a good night’s sleep before work.


  • Dark theme on the phone
  • What is night mode in the phone
  • Nature sounds on your phone
  • Podcasts to smartphone
  • Yandex.Music video shots
  • Reels on Instagram
  • Social media feed in English

Dark theme on the phone

The best way to get to sleep faster is to move your smartphone away. But if you are stuck in your phone and do not understand when you will finally want to sleep, then the first thing to do is turn on the dark theme on your smartphone. Remember to turn down the brightness to the minimum. Due to the dark design, the burden on the eyes is reduced, for the same reason it is worth turning on the auto-brightness of the screen .

By the way, it does not always work correctly in daylight, but it never fails at night. By the way, it is better to turn on the dark design on your smartphone on schedule: this way you will reduce the strain on your eyes a few hours before going to bed.

What is night mode in the phone

This feature is found on all smartphones and helps to reduce the blue light emitted from the smartphone screen by shifting the white balance in favor of warmer tones. Someone complains that the screen is too yellow, but with such a shade of the screen it is really a little easier to fall asleep than without it.

Despite the research of scientists who found that blue light is more relaxing than reddish yellow, it may be a matter of personal perception of an individual person – just like the effect of OLED and IPS screens on vision . In any case, it’s definitely worth a try.

Nature sounds on your phone

My favorite method, which has been helping me fall asleep for years. It is enough to turn on a selection of sounds in Yandex.Music by choosing what you like more: for example, the sounds of the wind, rain or forest. Do not forget to set a timer to play so that the music will turn off at the appointed time. You can listen as you like: in headphones or through the speaker of your smartphone, removing it further. By the way, we have already talked about whether it is possible to fall asleep with headphones . Study the article – the result will surprise you!

Podcasts to smartphone

Podcasts are a versatile way to not only learn new things, but also brighten up the time. They are also great at helping you fall asleep. True, listening to headphones personally helps me to fall asleep. What can you advise? Feel free to include any lecture on healthy lifestyle or proper nutrition: you will learn new things and fall asleep in time.

Recommendation : set the timer to off or enable playback of only one episode, otherwise you may get caught up in a roman vigorous radio show. The only negative is that in the morning both earphones will most likely fall out of your ears and you will have to look for them if we are talking about a TWS headset. But in most cases, wired ones are confused.

Yandex.Music video shots

Another cool trick for sleeping is right in Yandex.Music. We ‘re talking about video shots – short looped video covers in tracks. They are a cut from a video clip and are downloaded during playback when connected to the Internet.

What is it about that? Personally, I can’t tear myself away while the live cover is on the screen. This looping cut not only brings the track to life, forcing you to watch it over and over again without even noticing how much you want to sleep. In general, it looks cool and helps to fall asleep.

Reels on Instagram

It may seem strange, but short videos on Instagram awaken you to sleep. The fact is that in many ways they are similar to each other, which is why you often have to scroll through the videos one by one. It is the combination of the same videos and monotonous flipping that tires most of all: after 2-3 minutes of viewing, you already want to move the phone away. During the day, I have no particular desire to be distracted by videos on Instagram, and some friends send 10-15 videos to Direct at once, which, probably, need to be reviewed out of respect. Of course, you won’t want to do this before bed, or your strength will leave you for 3-4 videos, as a result of which you will put your smartphone on the bedside table.

Social media feed in English

In the middle of the night, there is a desire to fall asleep, but not to do something to which you need to make an effort. Just switch the language in the social networks application from Russian to English: as soon as you see unfamiliar words several times in a row, without grasping the essence, you will immediately want to close the feed and quickly fall asleep. Trust me, translating in the middle of the night is just as tiring as writing a term paper.

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