A Brief Explanation about Order/Product Configurators

In a more widespread eCommerce ecosystem, customers have the complete freedom to look for products that can be molded according to their needs. This was already a common thing in the traditional buy-and-sell markets, say, visiting a tailor or a carpenter. But, in a global world like the internet? This wasn’t even close to the imagination. And this is precisely where a product or order configurator comes into the scene.

Order Configurator for NetSuite is one of those applications that guide customers through the order entry process. This goes especially for customized orders, where the company needs to ensure that the displayed product and the product created are not different. Such an application guarantees that custom product orders are created accurately, efficiently, and quickly.

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Order/Product Configurator – What is it?

Today, customers have the chance to design their desired product on company websites or applications even if they have no special knowledge. They still have the freedom to change color, material type, shape, features, and sometimes functions alongside other things.

And all this time, they can constantly evidence the product changes they are making digitally. In one way or another, they already can expect the product in reality without even having it.

A product/order configurator, sometimes known as an online-store configurator, is a piece of software that organizations/product manufacturers use. The role of this software is to portray the product configuration rules to users. This step needs to be completed before the product is ready to be sent for production.

In simple words, it is an interactive process where a configuration rules engine validates where users get to choose a feature before they move on to the next set of features.

What makes an order ‘configurable’ in the truest sense?

Order configuration apps ensure that an order is a configurable post-production. If the order can be customized or rearranged differently, it is because of the configuration software.

Here ‘configuring’ a product means designing or adapting a product to change into a specific combination of features for a different purpose. Products having multiple variants should be easily configurable by the end user in the way they want.

For the manufacturing company, the software ensures that the freshly configured product lives up to customers’ expectations. Sometimes, it is also about ensuring that products like electronic gadgets live up to the regulatory requirements after the customization.

How does an Order Configurator work?

An online apparel shop that lets buyers customize their choices is a simple example to show how a product/order modifier works. The website will have plenty of options for buyers to change colors, sleeve lengths, materials, sizes, styles, prints, etc. However, whenever buyers make a custom choice, some features will contradict that choice. The site will show an error and provide an explanation as to why.

For example, choosing a yellow t-shirt with a yellow logo might be a no. The site will say that this combination is not allowed. This is because of the order configurator software.

Wrapping Up

The Order Configurator for NetSuite is one of the essential software that companies need to offer variant-rich products to customers. While it gives plenty of choice to customers, it also ensures that customers get what they want.

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