5 practical ways to speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most common systems in computers today, however, users often point out some problems with its correct operation.

Although it is regularly updated, it sometimes happens that, despite this, it does not work as computer owners expect. However, you can try to speed up the system, thereby significantly increasing comfort.

Related System Settings

Windows 10 has many customization options that significantly affect how it works. Starting from system startup, it is recommended to limit the number of programs and applications launched at startup.

They often run in the background, which means that users are not aware of the large number of running and resource-intensive applications. Therefore, it is a good idea to check if all autorun programs are needed in the system settings. Only they can cause a significant acceleration of the equipment.

At the same time, it is worth checking how running programs affect the processor load. Some of them can use most of the resources, thereby interfering with the work of others. They can be turned off, which has a positive effect on the operation of the system.

For example, the Yandex browser or the Steam gaming service, after installation, gets into autoload. It is better to turn them off, after turning on the computer, you do not always “break into” the Internet or games. On weak computers, removing these programs from startup is a good solution. There are many similar examples, analyze the programs.

To just get to the menu – type in the search for the Windows 10 system the query “startup”.

Equipment Compliance

Hardware and its settings are also important for the proper operation of Windows 10. First of all, owners of slightly outdated computers should check if they can handle the necessary functions.

Often the solution to the problem is not only quick, but also much cheaper than replacing the computer with a new one. One of the most common problems is insufficient RAM for system requirements. Then it is enough to replace it with a larger volume to easily speed up Windows 10.

If the motherboard allows, then you can think about replacing the processor. More related to desktop computers, laptops have a limited ability to replace the processor. On new models, alas, it simply will not work to replace something.

See what motherboard you have installed, determine which socket and see the support for possible processors. On “Avito” or “AliExpress” you can always pick up available options. It is not necessary to buy a new processor. They may no longer be available in stores.

Plus, the processor cannot be attributed to a component that often fails. Processors usually work for a very long time and can change many owners. Do not forget about the appropriate cooling, since overheating is critical.

A good solution would be to purchase a solid state drive (SSD) on which the operating system will be installed. For storage of bulk data, you can leave the old hard drive, provided it is in optimal performance (no or very few weak sectors and errors).

Deleting Files and Disk Cleanup

Even good quality hardware cannot work properly if there are too many files in memory taking up disk space.

Regular cleaning of junk files is very important. However, many users forget to perform such actions themselves, so you should consider software that will perform such tasks automatically. This also includes checking for viruses.

But do not forget about manual cleaning. You should not rely on third-party software alone. In such programs, fast cleaning and a lot of freed up space, but often this is just a picture and beautiful animation.

Plus, do not forget to monitor the state of the drives, namely the operating temperature, the presence of weak sectors and errors. Third-party software will help, since it is full.


Main part. It is necessary to periodically clean the cooling system from dust. Whether you have a desktop computer or a laptop. Dust accumulates quickly, even if your home is always clean. Believe me, it is constantly accumulating.

You can update the thermal paste if necessary. There is no need to constantly change it, monitor the operating temperature. If it is high, even without any load, then you need to think about updating the paste.

Update blocking

A slightly controversial point, but often various updates only load the system, and they do not bring any significant changes for the user. It’s not just that on various forums, many have a negative attitude towards updates, and some users generally choose “pirated” versions of Windows 10 downloaded from a torrent.

Such assemblies can be optimized for work, they have blocked unnecessary services and services. Although the user is exposed to certain risks using such assemblies. There are no guarantees that you will be able to download a safe assembly of Windows 10 from a torrent. No one knows what these assemblers “twisted” there.


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