13 Useful Solutions for Monitoring Employee Performance

The success and productivity of a company is directly related to the competence and responsibility of its employees. That is why the control of the work of personnel is of paramount importance for any enterprise.

It is important for the company’s management to see and understand a detailed picture of the activities of employees during the working day, to effectively manage projects, and to identify and prevent fraud. To monitor personnel, special software products have been developed that allow remote control of the work of employees at computers.

Their application significantly increases the efficiency of business processes in the organization and minimizes incidents of fraud and sabotage. In this article, we will look at several solutions designed to monitor and control employees in the office or working remotely.


The CleverControl tool has proven itself well in terms of personnel monitoring , which allows the company’s management to remotely control employees’ computers from anywhere in the world.

The program is easy to use and install and offers a wide range of functions: from recording lateness and early departure from the workplace to detecting and preventing fraud and leakage of confidential information of the organization.

The main features of the system include:

  • implementation of remote control through a secure Internet account;
  • monitoring the working computers of employees online;
  • determining the behavior of employees on the Internet and tracking search queries;
  • identification of the programs and applications used;
  • keystroke recording (keylogger);
  • recording chats in Skype;
  • interception of messages in messenger applications, social networks and chats;
  • regular screenshots;
  • monitor the use of external storage media and control the use of the printer.

In addition, the program has additional features, such as video recording from webcams and audio recording from a computer microphone.

These features help to significantly increase the efficiency of the company’s employees and minimize the possibility of data leakage.

At the same time, CleverControl operates in a hidden mode, it is not visible to the user even in the task manager and can be removed from the computer via the Internet – directly from the account, without access to the PC.


The Bitcop monitoring system is used in 12 countries around the world, and more than 2,000 organizations are its clients. The program allows you to remotely monitor and identify productive and unproductive employees, optimizing your business, reducing costs and increasing profits.

The main features of the Bitcop system include:

  • accounting of working time;
  • assessment of the productivity of employees;
  • fixing screenshots;
  • monitoring the websites used by the employee, search queries, as well as programs and applications;
  • presentation of employee activity in the form of screenshots;
  • control of current tasks;
  • website blocking;
  • information leakage prevention.

The system can operate in a hidden mode, imperceptible to the employee. Additionally, the program can be integrated with other solutions, such as IP telephony, instant messengers, ACS, various business applications (AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, etc.), and synchronized with Active Directory.

Bitcop offers free testing for two weeks, as well as completely free use of the system for a single user.


The Kickidler personnel monitoring system is easy to use, but at the same time it has wide and powerful functionality. The program is successfully used by organizations to monitor employees and improve business efficiency.

Main features of Kickidler:

  • online control of computers;
  • accounting of staff time;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the work activities of employees;
  • keylogger;
  • video recording from monitors;
  • remote access.

The program helps to monitor the activities of not only office employees, but also remote employees (freelancers). You can create individual settings for each employee.

All violations committed by the personnel are recorded by the system and reported to the manager in the form of notifications. Those wishing to test the Kickidler program are offered a free trial period of use.


The StaffCop personnel performance monitoring system allows you to detect cases of fraud within the organization, control employee communication in instant messengers, track the use of USB devices and printers, block access to certain sites, and analyze the effectiveness of employees.

The program is one of the best solutions for personnel control in the world market and solves a wide range of tasks:

  • tracking Internet activity;
  • fixing operations with files and folders, establishing cases of shadow copying;
  • interception of messages in chats, instant messengers, social networks;
  • audio and video control;
  • keylogger;
  • event log entry;
  • employee time tracking.

About all suspicious incidents, the program sends appropriate notifications to the manager to his email address. StaffCop helps to study the activities of staff and identify weaknesses in business processes.

For example, in the sales department, the productivity of an employee can be judged by the number of commercial proposals sent. To date, more than 2,500 organizations use the StaffCop tool in their work, while the first month of testing is free.


The control system “Stakhanovets” collects, processes and analyzes information from the computers of employees of the organization, increasing the information security of the company and the efficiency of business processes. For different user groups, the program provides its own data collection modes.

Thus, the manager can set up different levels of control for departments of the organization and employees. All collected information can be viewed on any trusted device, regardless of the operating system used: PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

The main features of the system:

  • employee time tracking;
  • activity control;
  • keyboard handwriting analysis;
  • interception of images and audio;
  • speech recognition and tracking of audio conversations in instant messengers;
  • analysis of employee performance;
  • information about the employee’s contacts within the organization;
  • interception of correspondence in instant messengers, social networks and e-mail;
  • monitoring of visited sites;
  • interception of information output outside the computer.

About all suspicious actions of an employee, the program sends appropriate notifications to the manager. Stakhanovets is easily integrated into any infrastructure and has minimal system requirements, so its operation does not slow down other processes on the PC.

For owners of large businesses, an innovative version of the program, Stakhanovets Pro, has been developed, based on artificial intelligence and an already trained neural network. The system offers employers to use the latest features for control, for example, facial recognition from a computer webcam.

At the same time, the program can run on more than 10,000 client machines with the minimum possible consumption of server resources.


Thanks to the use of Yaware.TimeTracker , you can significantly increase the efficiency of your employees. The program has been successfully used in different countries for more than ten years and has received many positive reviews. It is easy to use, easy to install and does not require an internet connection.

The main features of the program:

  • remote online control over employees;
  • sending reports on the work of employees to the manager’s e-mail;
  • viewing and analyzing statistics on smartphones and tablets;
  • autocomplete time sheet.

The program analyzes all the collected data, compiles a report and sends it to the manager’s e-mail. Thus, the company’s management receives full information about how many hours an employee is engaged in direct job duties, what sites he visits, what programs and applications he uses, and so on.


The StaffCounter tool can be used by managers of any level to control the activities of staff and record working time. This solution helps not only to control the work of employees, but also to calculate their productivity, control the execution of tasks and distribute the load.

Main functions:

  • accounting of working hours;
  • preparation of reports on the productivity of staff;
  • tracking visited sites and requests, as well as the use of applications and programs;
  • screenshots and pictures from the webcam of the computer;
  • work with files;
  • messenger monitoring;
  • creating audio recordings.

The head of the company receives notifications of violations by e-mail. StaffCounter also provides a function for monitoring corporate smartphones, thanks to which the manager receives information about all calls and messages from the phone, as well as a map of the field employee’s movements.

The basic version of the program, unlike the standard and professional, is completely free.


The SecureTower system is a software product designed to protect important company information and monitor the work of the organization’s personnel. The tool allows the manager to see everything that employees were doing at the workplace as accurately and holistically as possible.

SecureTower features:

  • information leakage prevention;
  • tracking the activities of employees at the computer;
  • control of communication channels (e-mail, instant messengers, chats);
  • monitoring the use of cloud storage, programs, applications;
  • video and audio monitoring.

The product website offers its free online presentation, which allows you to get acquainted with the capabilities and functionality of the system, as well as ask questions to specialists.


The TimeDoctor tool is designed to record and control the working time of teams of remote employees.

The program offers the following features:

  • accounting of working time;
  • automatic execution of screenshots, which allows you to track the actions of an employee;
  • chat monitoring;
  • monitoring the use of the Internet and applications.

All the data received by the program is formed into convenient reports that clearly demonstrate to the manager how his team works. By viewing reports and screenshots of workers’ computers, you can get a detailed picture of how much time and resources are spent on a particular project, task, or communication with a client.


SprutMonitor is a multifunctional software package for monitoring the work of employees. The tool monitors any activity of personnel on the computer: launching programs and applications, typing, correspondence, printing documents, visiting Internet sites, working with files.

At the same time, by turning on the hidden mode, the manager can control these functions. Using SprutMonitor, you can not only track the actions of employees on the computer, but also prescribe your own rules that block certain sites, applications, files, letters, USB devices, and turn off the computer.

The main features of the program:

  • accounting of working time;
  • monitoring of visited websites;
  • keylogger;
  • e-mail control;
  • drawing up your own rules;
  • text and speech recognition;
  • remote control;
  • monitoring applications and messengers.

The system can function in local and cloud version and offers 14 days of trial free use.


The Worker system allows you to increase the productivity of the enterprise and significantly save money, thanks to smart monitoring of the work of personnel. The product consists of three parts: Director (installed on the manager’s PC), Agent (installed on employees’ computers to collect information) and Server (the program database and all saved information are stored here).

Program features include:

  • monitoring compliance with the work schedule;
  • statistics on the use of programs and sites;
  • timing of the working day;
  • data encryption with an individual key (all collected information is encrypted and stored on a cloud server in encrypted form);
  • workload schedule of employees;
  • blocking and managing the list of sites and programs;
  • screenshots of the computer desktop and webcam.

The service offers the possibility of a free trial of a fully functional demo version.


INSIDER is a new, but already promising player on the market. This is a complete program for company management. The service allows you to comprehensively control the work of subordinates.

This is a program for a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the work of personnel with the functions of automating the recording of working hours, fixing violations of labor discipline, monitoring and controlling workplaces.

Consider the functionality and benefits of the program in more detail:

Screenshots of employees . Screenshots allow you to record all the activities of an employee at the computer during the working day. Screenshots are stored on your server in a special, compressed, indexed format. Due to this, you can see the work of the employee during the working day, as well as identify violations.

Analysis of the use of programs and sites . If an employee visits a site that is marked as “unproductive”, the manager will receive a notification about this. The list of sites is configured manually for each position and even for an individual. So, social networks will be “productive” for an SMM specialist, but not for an accountant. For an HR specialist, it is the resource hh.ru, however, if, for example, an accountant goes there, the INSIDER will record a violation. In other words, you will know which of your subordinates likes to sit in social networks or is looking for a part-time job.

Keylogger . The system collects information about keystrokes in all programs (mail, social networks, browser, office programs) and displays everything that employees wrote in different programs. Using a keylogger, you can track the mention of any keyword by employees, whether it is the name of the boss or the company’s client.

Accounting sheets . The monitoring system automatically generates a work time sheet. Other data – work schedule, vacation, time off, sick leave – can be entered manually or through integration with personnel systems.

Monitoring of mobile devices . You can use a corporate smartphone as a tracker, track the location of employees on the map, control the compliance of real and planned routes.

Another feature is that the system is installed on the 1C-Bitrix CMS, there is integration with Bitrix24.


LanAgent is an employee monitoring tool that alerts and alerts the business executive to any dangerous or unproductive activity.

Main functions:

  • monitoring of the employee’s personal computer;
  • compiling an archive of correspondence;
  • accounting of working hours;
  • fixing violations;
  • recording from the screen of a working computer;
  • monitor printer usage;
  • control of remote employees.

Installing the program is very simple and requires almost no additional settings. At the same time, the collection of information begins immediately and is carried out imperceptibly for the employee. Several specialists can work with the received data with access level differentiation at the same time.


Monitask is a cost-effective and simple solution for tracking employee performance. The tool is ideal for monitoring the activities of remote employees – designers, online consultants, online sales managers, software developers.

The program comes with a 10-day free trial and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


  • remote control of employees;
  • computer screen tracking;
  • tracking working hours;
  • time sheet;
  • creation of teams, projects, tasks;
  • productivity control.

Article Conclusions

Many managers need to control their employees to ensure efficient work, to prevent leaks of confidential information. To solve this problem, you need to use the help of a special application that monitors personnel. You can choose the right tool among a large number of programs designed to track the work of company employees.

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