The American Nautical Service

Founded in 1879, the American Nautical Service (ANS) was a marine surveying company and training school. It offered license preparation courses and training for commercial and small-boat captains. Eventually, it expanded into a nautical chart agent for the United States government. Its training program employed seven instructors and conducted classes in five states along the East Coast. In the beginning, it focused on consulting and marine surveying but also sold charts and nautical books.

ANS represents the British Admiralty

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is the source for nautical charts. These charts, under the protection of Crown Copyright, provide the most comprehensive and authoritative coverage of ports, shipping routes, and marine hazards around the world. Over 40,000 ships and yachts worldwide rely on Admiralty charts to navigate and keep safe.

The company represents the British Admiralty as an International Admiralty Chart Agent. ANS also serves as a Remote Printer for NOAA and NGA nautical charts. It offers two free paper chart folios with world coverage, as well as a large online chart catalog called SPICA.

The British Admiralty issues a vast variety of publications and navigational charts. Its navigational charts and digital services are the most reliable and widely used by mariners. These charts and publications are available on 90% of international ships.

ANS is a chart agent

The American Nautical Service (ANS) is a chart agent for the United States government. Founded in 1933, ANS began as a marine surveying company and training school. It provided training for small boat and commercial vessel captains, as well as license preparation courses. Later, ANS expanded its services to include chart agent services for the government. In the early years, the company employed seven instructors in its training program, and conducted training in five East Coast states. Today, ANS focuses its activities on marine surveying, consulting, and chart sales.

Today, digital navigation is transforming the maritime industry. ECDIS systems will be mandatory on certain types of commercial vessels starting in July 2012, and all commercial vessels over 500 gross tons will be required to use them by July 2018. The ANS staff is experienced and trained in digital charting data and software. ANS offers digital charting products from popular manufacturers.

In addition to producing charts, the NOAA Office of Coast Survey also produces publications that inform mariners about corrections and changes. These publications are based on data provided by a variety of sources. These sources include the Local Notice to Mariners, which is published by nine US Coast Guard Districts.

ANS is a maritime book store

The American Nautical Service is a great place to purchase nautical books and supplies. They also offer charts, flags, and navigation tools. The store also offers training courses for those interested in the sea. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced navigator, there are many resources to help you prepare for the sea.

ANS is a South Florida marine consulting and surveying company that has been serving the maritime industry for more than 40 years. Their comprehensive maritime book and chart collection is a perfect starting point for any aspiring recreational or professional sailor. The company stocks a wide variety of nautical charts, manuals, and signs, including the International Maritime Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, and the Institute of International Container Lessors.

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