Why SEO is needed or how keywords can bring in millions

Every day, the Google search engine processes up to a billion requests. It can be assumed that no matter what service or product your company sells, you can easily find a dozen keywords that correspond to the desired topic. And not to use this powerful promotion tool means to deprive yourself of 50-70% of potential profit.

However, for each request, regardless of its complexity, the search engine gives from 100 thousand to 1 million or more answers. And if your site takes a position further than tenth in this list, the chances of finding a client in this way will be almost zero.

Why do some companies get tens of thousands of customers from the Internet, while others only visit the site of employees and their relatives?

The secret lies in search engine optimization or SEO. The actions of promotion specialists make your page more attractive to Google, so the search engine shows it on the first page of the SERP. You still don’t understand the importance of SEO ? Then check out a few proofs of its vital importance for any entrepreneur.

Invisibility for search engines

Statistics collected by research organizations that study the Internet show that 9 out of 10 sites remain invisible to search engines due to improper optimization. This means that they cannot be found by users who do not know the exact URL. Therefore, they have no way to get new visitors and turn them into customers.

If you do not take action to move forward, the situation will not change. A small investment in SEO, subject to contacting specialists, will allow you to get links to your resource from several authoritative portals, which will bring it out of the “shadow zone” into the “light”.

Attracting interested visitors to the site, that is, increasing organic traffic, allows the site to rank for keywords in the search results. But for this it is necessary that at least several domains link to your resource. In this case, the rating of the commercial site will increase, which will also affect its position in the search results. To achieve this without SEO activities will not work.

Only organic traffic delivers long-term results

Direct advertising in Google and other similar marketing tricks allow you to bring your resource to the TOP of search results and stay there for as long as you like. However, as soon as the funding for this direction stops, all the results achieved disappear.

It is a different matter when the content of the site is initially developed taking into account possible promotion, and further measures are taken in this vein. At the same time, there is no instant increase in visitors, however, the number of new users gradually increases, and in the event of a break in optimization or its termination, it does not drop to zero. In other words, organic traffic achieves strategic rather than tactical goals.

Moreover, in the process of increasing the position of search results, it is necessary to focus only on specific keywords. Even though the page can be found for other queries, using the whole mass at once does not allow you to use the full potential. And this leads to the loss of visitors and, accordingly, customers.

Thus, SEO should be used to target keywords with high search traffic potential.

Lead management and conversion of visitors into customers

Search promotion, unlike short-term marketing tools, allows you to convert leads at any stage of the sales funnel.

The bottom line is this:

  • any user of the Google search engine enters a query in order to solve a problem that has arisen;
  • the nature of the request may differ depending on the stage at which the solution to the problem is (for example, just looking for a new refrigerator or looking for a store where you can buy a specific model at a specific price);
  • at each stage of the sale, promotion tools allow you to write and optimize the necessary content that solves this particular issue.

Accordingly, SEO helps to create content on sites that solves very narrow problems of a Google user. For this query, the number of sites in the search results will be less, and your chances of converting a visitor into a client will be greater.

An analysis of search statistics in Yandex shows that more than 90% of user requests are low-frequency. Agree, this is a huge field for activity, which can bring huge profits to those who can “sow” it.

When the user receives an exact answer to their question in the search results and after clicking on the link, the probability that he will close the transaction approaches 100%. This is the main task of SEO . Therefore, even if you can allocate tens of thousands of dollars for advertising in Google in no case should you neglect the classic promotion.

Using promotion by competitors in your field

No one forces a business owner to use website promotion on the Internet. However, this does not mean that the benefits of SEO are not appreciated by competitors. Removing this customer sourcing tool gives other firms a competitive advantage. And they won’t hesitate to use it.

Commercial site owners mistakenly believe that promotion can be replaced by paid advertising, or social media posts, or other marketing tools. In fact, the effectiveness of each of the listed options is as follows:

  • 5% – visitors from social networks;
  • 10% – visitors from Google paid ads;
  • 34% – other sources;
  • 51% is organic web traffic from search.

The effectiveness of promotion is obvious and overlaps all other sources. In monetary terms, the income from it is more than 40% in comparison with other tools for obtaining customers.

Organic traffic will be higher if the link to your site is at the top of the search. After all, about a third of users click on the first position and do not look for alternative options below. Considerable results are brought by the following positions (up to 10).

Paid marketing tools give only 6% of the audience

If you analyze this or that keyword using the built-in Google tools, you can see the ratio of traffic for organic and paid search.

The statistics show this ratio:

  • 85% – organic traffic;
  • 15% – paid tools.

Why is it so if advertisements are at the top of the search results list? After all, it was said above that 33% of users click on the first link?

The bottom line is that due to the psychological characteristics of a person, more than 94% ignore ads that are in the ad unit, paying attention only to organic results.

Therefore, you do not need to be a professional to understand that only finding the site on the first page of the search, and even better – at the top of the list, allows you to attract new visitors to the site and achieve long-term goals of increasing the number of customers.

Article Conclusions

The above evidence is not exhaustive. There are many more factors that prove not just the usefulness, but also the necessity of SEO. However, those listed here are enough for a competent Internet business owner to realize the need to invest in promotion and start appropriate activities immediately.

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