Why do I hear my voice (echo) when talking on the phone?

What should I do if I hear an echo in a telephone conversation?

Sometimes during a call, the interlocutor may hear his own voice in the form of an echo. Many believe that this is the first sign of wiretapping the phone. Why you hear your own voice when talking on the phone.

The reasons why you hear your voice during a conversation can be divided into three types:

  • Caused by acoustics.
  • Caused by a communication problem.
  • Caused by phone problems.

Acoustics features

Many acoustic reasons for hearing your own voice during a conversation indicate problems on the part of the interlocutor, and not the subscriber. For example, the user will start to hear an echo if his interlocutor turns on the speakerphone on the phone. Acoustics can also cause echo due to the characteristics of the room in which the interlocutor is located. In this case, changing the location will immediately solve the problem and allow you to continue the conversation without unnecessary sounds.

An echo in the phone can occur due to the fault of the subscriber, for example, if his case does not fit snugly against the mobile device. Therefore, during a conversation, it is worth trying to remove the cover and continue the conversation without it.

To get rid of the echo during a call, you need to control the volume of your phone and ask the other person to do the same. If the volume is too high, the sound of your own voice from the other party’s phone will be duplicated and form an echo.

Communication problems

If the subscriber hears himself while talking to another interlocutor, the cause may be a temporary malfunction on the line. Due to the large number of lines (especially in a densely populated area), the signal may overlap. As a result, a temporary echo occurs. As soon as communication failures stop, the subscriber will no longer hear himself during a conversation. To speed up this moment, you should change the place of the conversation or call back later.

Phone problems

The widest list of reasons why you hear your voice during a conversation is related to a breakdown or malfunction of the phone. For example:

  • Echo canceller malfunctions. This detail in the phone is designed specifically to eliminate echo during a call. But if the echo canceller does not work correctly, then the interlocutor will hear his own voice.
  • Manufacturing defects. Some phones from unverified manufacturers may initially create an echo when talking. If the mobile device is under warranty, then it should be replaced or attempted to be repaired. However, in most cases, only buying a new gadget will help.
  • Dynamic breakdown. If the subscriber constantly hears himself when talking with other people, then the problem may be a speaker problem. If the phone has been dropped or has come into contact with water, the speaker may be damaged. In this case, only its repair or change of mobile phone will help.
  • Depressurization of the phone case. Strong impacts or drops may damage the seal of the case. It is difficult to fix this problem even in a service center, therefore, if the diagnostics revealed a depressurization, it is easier and faster to purchase a new phone.

The presence of echo during conversations can indicate both temporary problems and serious breakdowns. If the reboot did not help, and the user continues to constantly hear his voice during a call, resetting the phone to factory settings may help . However, before completely erasing all data from the device, you need to take the phone to a service center for diagnostics. Only there they will be able to determine whether the gadget has internal damage.

Echo – a sign of wiretapping?

The stereotype that an echo during a telephone conversation is a sign of wiretapping is still alive. However, modern ways to listen to a person are much more perfect than those that were 10-15 years ago. Listening programs practically do not give out any sounds. Therefore, it would be wrong to consider the presence of an echo as a sign of surveillance. You need to pay attention not to the sound of your own voice, but to the behavior of the phone, its temperature and the increase in the discharge rate. Here is a more detailed article on phone tapping.

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