WhatsApp introduces new feature to end spam groups

Messaging app WhatsApp is committed to increasing users’ comfort. The platform, which makes it easier to set up groups with its new features, also thought about users who would be uncomfortable with groups. Here are the details about the new feature.

It’s time to quietly leave groups

WhatsApp will make it easier to set up groups with the Communities feature that it has been working on for a while. This feature, which will be especially useful for those who want to establish large business and school groups; It brings the feature of setting up a group by invitation without the hassle of registering a number. In this period when the groups will increase, the mobile application manufacturer also answers the possible requests of the users from the beginning. According to a content published by WABetaInfo , WhatsApp is now When you leave their group, the whole group will not know. You will be able to leave groups silently. How Does? In the past, a notification was displayed on the message screen about the person leaving the group. In this way, you could control the people entering and leaving the group. With the new feature, this notification will no longer appear on the message screen when you leave the group. For now , there is a screenshot of the feature that is only displayed in the desktop version.

The feature is not yet available on the mobile side. With this feature, which will facilitate the work of users, it will now be possible to leave groups silently. For now, there is no clear information about when the feature will come and which groups it will cover. We will continue to share details as they become available in the coming days.

WhatsApp has made many innovations recently. The platform continues to improve its features to provide convenient and fast messaging for users. What do you think is the most important feature that should come to WhatsApp?


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