What does 7w7 mean?

7w7 is one of the many expressions of the gamer world and informal chats; meaning, uses in social networks and senses.

7w7 is a naughty new way of telling someone “‘I’d like to go out with you somewhere” or suggesting something other than friendship.

To better understand the message, the use of 7w7 at the end of a sentence denotes flirtation or tenderness towards someone. It is the new way in which young people (and not so much) communicate in a chat.

It is a kind of “face” that can be achieved with the eyes that are 7 and the mouth that is w. Many people already use it to express something like “oh, mischievous” or also “you don’t fool me”.

Those who are still wondering what 7w7 means should know that it is a secret code to discover in the middle of a chat depending on what is being written and the relationship between these people .

What does 7w7 mean on social media?

It is a particular expression that has been used in social networks to simplify a fun and mischievous way of saying something else without so much text.

Beyond the countless emoticons that already exist with different meanings, the meaning of 7w7 on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks has a favorite use.

The particular expression 7w7 is an emoticon that is generally used more on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks in order to add a spark of humor.

Through certain images, using 7w7 complements any exchange, both in some conversations and in certain forums. Also, emojis can be added in Whatsapp contact names.

Now, 7w7 has different meanings depending on the point of view of the user and on the different social networks.

The most striking and currently popular meanings of 7w7 are:

  • For younger people it represents a sad face. With the numbers 7 that are responsible for representing the eyes. Both constitute a horizontal stripe as if they were closed eyes and the vertical one the tears falling. On the other hand, the double “w” acts as if it were a mouth in a sad position.
  • For older people the 7w7 has nothing to do with a sad face, on the contrary it is completely different. They use it as an emoticon with “compromising” meanings. In this case, the numbers “7” act as the eyes of the emoticon looking in a single direction “mischievously”. While the “w” acts as if it were an open mouth or a tongue with a bold and insinuating expression.

The extensive dictionary of constructions and symbologies that can be created by mixing letters, special icons and numbers seems to be endless.

It is, perhaps, the gamer world that is most conducive to this type of communication, exclusive to informal chats or video game games.

Ingenuity is, without a doubt, the key component to be able to develop them. The imagination to be able to visualize something else or a meaning behind the icons and their strategic placement is not far behind.

What does 7u7 and 7w7 mean in WhatsApp?

You have probably seen 7u7 and 7w7 on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

In social networks you can find different expressions and ways of communicating, some of them are ‘lol’, ‘xD’ and other things that may seem irrelevant or meaningless. However, they have a specific interpretation. Such is the case with 7u7 and 7w7.

Meaning of 7u7 and 7w7

Some of the expressions used in networks originate from the time when emoticons did not exist. Users used characters to represent emotions.

For example, it is common to make a ‘smiley face’ with a colon and a parenthesis “:)”, which alludes to happiness, so there are many examples.

In the case of “7u7″ and “7w7″, they do not refer to specific words, but to emojis, in which the sevens (7) are like the eyes, and the “u” and “w” to the mouth of the little faces As for their meaning, they do not have a specific one, but the interpretation is open according to the context of the chat, comment, etc.

However, it is true that it usually falls into the field of insinuations or flirtation, but it is not always. (YO)


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