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Data Saver is an extension for the Google Chrome browser to reduce traffic consumption while loading pages on the Internet. The Data Saver extension was developed by Google.

While the extension is running, data is compressed on Google servers, and then it is downloaded to the browser. Thanks to this, traffic is saved, web pages open faster, since they have been compressed. The display of pages in the browser does not change due to compression, you see the sites as they really are.

The Chrome Data Saver extension does not work on the secure HTTPS protocol and in incognito mode, so traffic is not compressed on such a connection, data is exchanged normally.

The Traffic Saver extension allows you to bypass the blocking of sites on the Internet, since the traffic does not go directly, but through the Google servers.

A similar traffic compression function works on devices running the Android operating system.

The extension to reduce traffic is especially relevant for mobile Internet users, since “unlimited” tariffs are unlimited only in name. In this case, the Data Saver extension in Google Chrome will allow you to somewhat reduce traffic consumption while surfing the Internet.

The Data Saver extension can be installed in other browsers based on Chrome. In browsers Yandex.Browser, Amigo and the like, the extension is installed directly from the Chrome store.

To install the Data Saver extension in the Google Chrome browser, sign in to the Chrome Web Store. In the Chrome store, in the search field, enter the expression: “traffic saving”. Among the extensions found, select the Traffic Saver extension. Agree to install the browser extension.

You can immediately go to the Data Saver extension page via a direct link:

Extension work Traffic saving

After installing the extension in the Google Chrome browser, you will see that Data Saver is working. The extension does not require additional settings.

After some time, you can see data on traffic consumption. To do this, left-click on the extension icon.

After that, a graph with data on traffic consumption will open. For example, in my case, thanks to the Traffic Savings extension, the total traffic savings amounted to about 10% per day. Agree that this is quite good.

Click on the “More” link for detailed information. Information is provided for a certain period of time: per hour, 3 hours, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days. At the top there is a graph, and below you can see statistics on traffic consumption on specific sites.

When studying statistics, keep in mind that the extension takes into account all traffic, including the one that it does not compress on sites using the secure HTTPS protocol, for example, on the site

How to disable the Data Saver extension

Enter the browser settings, then “Additional tools”, “Extensions”. On the extensions page, find the “Traffic Saver” add-on. Uncheck the box next to “Enabled” to disable the extension in the browser.

Article Conclusions

The Traffic Saver extension for the Google Chrome browser (Yandex Browser, Amigo, etc.) allows you to save traffic when visiting sites on the Internet.

I use the Data Saver extension on my computer in Chrome-based browsers, even though I have wired unlimited internet. On the computers of children who use the mobile Internet, I install the Traffic Saver extension without fail.

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