What are the Documents Required for Site Management?

There are necessary documents in the estate and apartment managements. It is important that the people who undertake the management, especially the floor owners who are elected as managers, prepare the documents completely.

There are documents required in site and apartment management. It is important that the people who undertake the management, especially the flat owners who are elected as managers, prepare the documents completely.

Decision notebook

As stated in Article 32 of the Condominium Ownership Law, it is obligatory to keep the decision book in the apartment and site managements. Decisions of the floor owners board should also be included in this book. Each page of the notebook must be notarized. Managers should prepare notebooks that they can use when elected.

Business Project

Business projects are the main projects that site managers base on when collecting dues and making expenses. In the projects, the estimated income and expense amounts for one year, the estimated amounts that will fall to each floor owner from all expenses and the advance amounts that each floor owner should give should be shown. The project must be notified to the flat owners or persons who actually benefit from the independent sections, in return for their signatures or by registered letter.

Meeting Documents

There are meetings held by the site management every year or in certain periods. Those who are given power of attorney for the floor owners who will not attend the meetings together with the floor owners are determined. Managers may have to have the floor owners sign the decisions they take, especially in such meetings. Important documents obtained as a result of the meetings should be archived. Lack of archives is among the best measures to be taken for problems that may occur.

Administrative Documents

Managers are considered as the representatives of the flat owners. The decision of the floor owners, which shows and proves that the manager has been selected as the basis of the proxy status, is revealed. It is important that the sample of this decision is ready in relations with the manager, public or private institutions. Preparing a stamp of the manager, signing with a stamp with his name and proving the signatures make it more effective.

It is one of the documents that should be included in the archives of the managers in the documents related to the personnel. Samples of the service contract, permit documents, documents related to occupational health and safety, and documents related to payments such as compensation should be archived. At the same time, it may be useful to keep the documents related to the dues in the archive. With all these documents, there may be many different details that need to be followed and archived. In such cases site management programs can also be supported.

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