Unchecky – Prevent installation of unwanted programs

Unchecky is a free program to prevent potentially unwanted software (PUP) from being installed on your computer. Quite often, there are situations when various programs, toolbars, etc., penetrate the computer in an indirect way.

The Unchecky program clears the checkboxes during the installation of programs on the computer, rejects offers to install unwanted programs.

Many users, for sure, have faced such a situation many times when they discovered new programs on their computer. Moreover, such applications were installed in a secret way, often without any explicit knowledge of the user.

Manufacturers of programs, the usefulness of which is not always obvious, various toolbars for browsers, which are also of dubious value, very often integrate their applications into installers, mostly free programs. Of course, quite useful programs are also offered for installation in this way, but such programs can be installed, if necessary, on your computer in the usual way.

Producers of free software that add such additional software to their installers thus earn money, often to develop their product, receiving money from the producers of other add-on programs for this.

You probably often encountered a situation when, when installing a program, the installation wizard windows offer to install additional software. In such cases, it is often proposed to install various software (PUP – Potentially Unwanted Program), which is not at all necessary for the user.

More experienced users, already taught by bitter experience, always carefully monitor the contents of the installation wizard windows when installing a new program on their computer. Less experienced users sometimes do not pay attention to this. Then they are surprised that new programs or toolbars appear on their computer in browsers that they did not install.

Manufacturers often cheat by offering the user the choice to install the program. For example, options like this are often offered: a typical or quick install (recommended) and a custom install (for advanced users).

  • Express installation (recommended) – in this case, along with the installation of the program, additional applications will be automatically installed.
  • Custom installation (for advanced users) – you yourself can uncheck the boxes in those items where you will be prompted to install additional programs.

In some cases, even when all checkboxes are unchecked, in front of unwanted software, additional programs are still installed.

Just installing some programs could be reconciled. Moreover, they can then be removed from the computer. But, some “malicious” applications install toolbars in browsers, change settings or the browser start page. Removing such unwanted programs is often very difficult.

The free Unchecky program is designed to prevent the installation of unwanted programs on your computer. The program has support for the Russian language.

Installing Unchecky

After running the executable file, the “Install Unchecky” window will open. To install the program on your computer, you will need to click on the “Install” button.

If you want to install the Unchecky program not in the default folder, but in another folder, then, before installing the application on your computer, you will need to click on the “More settings” button.

In the window that opens, you can change the folder for installing the program. Using the “Browse…” button, you will be able to select a different folder if you are not satisfied with the default folder selection.

Immediately after the installation of the program is completed, a window will open with a message that the Unchecky program service is running. Click on the “Finish” button in this window.

The Unchecky program service runs in the background. When you install a new program on your computer, Unchecky will monitor the progress of the installation of the new application, protecting your computer from potentially unwanted software.

If necessary, you can open the Unchecky program window from the program shortcut on the Desktop.

In the main “Unchecky” window, you are informed that “The Unchecky service is running”.

If necessary, you can pause the program. To do this, you will need to click on the Suspend button.

After that, a window will open with a warning about stopping the Unchecky service. You can start the service again after a system restart. To do this, you will need to click on the “Resume” button.

Unchecky Settings

You can enter the program settings after clicking on the “Settings” button. Here you can select the language for the program interface. The Unchecky utility supports a fairly large number of languages.

In this window, you can also enter the advanced settings by clicking on the “Advanced settings” button.

In the new window “Advanced Settings” it will be possible to change some settings of the program. The author of the program does not recommend changing the settings, especially if you do not know what they are for. Changing the settings will make the Unchecky program less efficient.

All settings take effect after restarting the service.

After installing the Unchecky program on a computer, the additional rules introduced by the Unchecky program will be written to the “hosts” file, which is located in the “Windows” folder. These rules serve to block the installation of unwanted software on the user’s computer.

Blocking the installation of potentially unwanted programs

Now, when installing new programs on your computer, all offers to install additional programs will be rejected. In the process of installing new programs on your computer, you will not need to make extra mouse clicks when rejecting unnecessary, additional and promotional offers.

If, during the installation of a new program on a computer, the installer of the program being installed contains suggestions for installing additional programs, then you will see the Unchecky program window that opens.

In this case, you will be warned about the installation of a potentially unwanted program. In the notification area, you will see a message from Unckecky stating that offers to install potentially unwanted programs have been rejected. You can click on this post for details.

In the event that there are several such offers to install additional software, then several windows of the Unchecky program will be opened in turn, in which you will be informed about the refusal of these offers.

This way, a potentially unwanted program will not be installed on your computer.

The Unchecky program, in general, reliably blocks the path of potentially unwanted programs from penetrating the computer. In some cases, third-party software may still be installed on the computer. The developer of the Unchecky program – Michael Maltsev (RaMMicHaeL) is making efforts to improve his program, for a more reliable barrier against such penetration.

Article Conclusions

The free Unchecky program prevents the installation of potentially unwanted programs on the user’s computer. Unchecky independently unchecks the boxes during the installation of third-party software.

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