DriverPack Solution – automatic installation of drivers on your computer

DriverPack Solution is a free program designed to automatically install drivers on a computer on which the Windows operating system is installed. The program performs the functions of a manager for automatically installing drivers on a computer.

The free DriverPack Solution program is very popular, it has already been downloaded by users to their computers more than 10,000,000 times. The program is licensed under the GNU GPL and is open source. The DriverPack Solution program was created by a Russian programmer Artur Kuzyakov, originally the program had a different name.

Drivers are mini programs that provide the operating system and applications with access to the physical components of the computer, in other words, to the hardware, the hardware. The driver transforms the commands of the operating system and applications that become clear to specific hardware components of the computer.

The Windows operating system has the ability to download the necessary drivers using the Windows Update service. To do this, you must have an Internet connection, and the operating system will also be authenticated.

The DriverPack Solution is significantly larger than what Microsoft offers for Windows.

An important point is that when using the DriverPack Solution program, there is no need to connect to the Internet. Quite often there are situations when the necessary driver is missing on the computer, for example, for a network card, which is used just for an Internet connection. With a slow Internet, it will take quite a long time to download the full driver package.

Using DriverPack Solution on your computer, you will not depend on the Internet to install drivers on your computer.

The DriverPack Solution program has several versions:

  • Online – online version of the program, drivers for the computer will be downloaded via the Internet.
  • DVD – the driver package has a volume that fits on a DVD disc.
  • Full – a complete set of drivers that can be burned to a dual-layer DVD disc, or to a flash drive of the appropriate size.

The entire volume of the driver package will have to be downloaded only once. As new versions of drivers are released, they will be loaded automatically.

In this image, you can see what features different versions of the driver package currently have.

You can download the required version of DriverPack Solution from the official website of the program.

DriverPack Solution Online

The online version of DriverPack Solution Online will need to be installed on your computer. Once launched, DriverPack Solution Online will scan your computer and then automatically install the drivers you need to install on your computer. In this case, the check showed that all the drivers were already installed on my computer.

The online version of the DriverPack Solution program is not much different from the regular version. When using this version, online driver updates will be available to you.

Driver Pack Solution Full

When using DriverPack Solution Full, you will not be dependent on an internet connection. The program will automatically install drivers, for example, after installing or reinstalling the operating system.

DriverPack Solution Full version works without installation on a computer. The Full version contains the full package of drivers. You can download a set of drivers using a torrent tracker or using another alternative.

After unpacking the archive, from the folder with the drivers, you will need to run the file – the application.

After starting the program, the DriverPack Solution Full window will open. First, there will be a process of collecting data about computer devices and installed drivers. The Drivers tab will display information about updating or installing the required drivers.

In this case, a message appeared in the “Drivers” tab stating that updating drivers is possible. You can immediately update them by clicking on the “Select All” button, or install only the necessary drivers on your computer.

After clicking on the button next to the “Update Drivers” item, a list of drivers for which an update is available will open.

Before updating or installing drivers, just in case, create a system restore point .

You can choose to update, or to install the necessary drivers. Select the desired items, then click on the “Select All” button (only the checked items will be selected), and then click on the “Install” button.

Next, the process of installing drivers on the computer will begin, which will take some time. Depending on which drivers you install on your computer, there will be several reboots during the driver installation process. At the end, a program window will open, in which you will be prompted to restart the computer to complete the installation of the necessary drivers.

You can also make a backup of the drivers by going to the “Backup” tab for this. In the “Backup” tab, you can make “Backup from the database” and “Backup from the system”.

“Backup from the database”, that is, a backup copy of the drivers for your particular computer will be created from the DriverPack Solution database.

“Backup from the system” will allow you to create a backup copy of the drivers that have already been installed in the Windows operating system on your computer. After clicking on the appropriate button, after a while, a backup of the drivers will be created as a file in the “.EXE” format. By running this file on your computer, you can install the drivers, or restore the drivers on your computer.

In the “Miscellaneous” tab, you can look at the list of all installed drivers on your computer. When moving the mouse cursor over the corresponding driver, a tooltip will open.

After clicking on the “Diagnostics” item, you can look at the characteristics of your computer and perform various actions using the program: RAM test, defragmentation, cleaning, and also check with an antivirus.

In the “Programs” tab there are programs, you can install the programs located there on your computer. This is optional, these programs have nothing to do with installing drivers on your computer.

In the left part of the program window there is a side panel, on the panel there are control points with which you can manage the program. If you check the box next to the “Settings” item, then you can activate the “Expert Mode”.

In the process of writing this article, I updated all the drivers on my computer using DriverPack Solution.

Finding laptop drivers

To install or update drivers for a laptop, you can use the official website of the program, where you can find the necessary drivers for a specific model. To do this, click on the website on the button “Drivers for laptops”.

This will open a page with links to manufacturers. At the bottom of the page, you can click on the “Show All” link to see a list of all companies.

After clicking on the name of the laptop manufacturer, a page with specific models will open. Here you will need to select a laptop model, and then follow the link for a specific laptop model.

Next, a window with drivers for a specific laptop model will open. Here you can select the operating system in the edition that is installed on your computer.

Below the device name is the device number (hardware ID). Knowing this number, you can easily find the right driver.

If you don’t know the device ID number of your computer, you can find it out using Device Manager.

Finding Drivers in DriverPack Solution

To search for a driver for a specific device, you will need to open the “Device Manager”. In the “Device Manager” window, you need to select a specific device, and then right-click on it. Select “Properties” from the context menu.

Next, the “Properties: specific device” window opens, in this window open the “Details” tab, and in the “Property” item you will need to select the “Hardware ID” item. In the “Value” field you will see the device ID number.

Then enter this number in the search box, and then click on the “Find Driver” button. The search will be based on the DevID of the device.

Next, a window with search results will open. From there, you can download the required driver for later installation on your computer.

Article Conclusions

The free DriverPack Solution program is designed to automatically install drivers on the user’s computer. With DriverPack Solution Full, a few clicks are all it takes to install or update the drivers installed on your computer.

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