Twelve Minutes: Game Description

Game description: Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is an interactive top-down detective adventure adventure by Luis Antonio. The newlyweds arrange a romantic evening in their own home. When the event is in full swing, a police officer knocks on the door. Entering the room, he accuses the young woman of premeditated murder. The husband, who tried to prevent the arrest of his wife, was knocked out. He regains consciousness the moment he reopens the door to the detective knocking on it.
We need to remember previous facts, change the course of current events and thus break the time loop.

Release date: December 7, 2021

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Developer: Luis Antonio

Genre: Indie  Adventure

Game mode: Single player

Language: English Russian (subtitles)

Platform: PS4

Average rating on the Internet: 78

Other platforms:

  • Xbox sx
  • Xbox one
  • PC (PC)
  • PS5

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