Things to know before buying a Windows 10 laptop

Laptops keep gaining more and more notoriety in terms of high performance these days. Allow everyone to move it wherever they want, while always having the workspace or play area nearby. And the more time passes, the closer laptops come to the performance of desktop PCs. If we look at the latest graphics cards, we can see that they have built-in Ray-Tracing technology. Which is needed to run the latest games at high settings . You won’t see any performance difference compared to desktops.

Upgrades available for a Windows 10 laptop

The main criterion when selecting a laptop is the performance of its components. However, it is always nice to have a good design. Parts such as CPU, graphics card, RAM sticks and hard drive size should be looked at properly. Of course, desktops have a bigger advantage over laptops because they are much easier to upgrade. But laptops are much easier to move around and can be taken anywhere. So basically, if one wants to get a new laptop, it should be chosen according to the type of use. Whether it ‘s 3D modeling , office automation, or playing the latest video games.

It is helpless to know that once the laptop is purchased, the upgrade options are quite limited. Here are the ones that can usually be done:

  • Add Ram;
  • Add SSD;
  • Change the hard drive.

Essentially, it is impossible to change the graphics card for a gamer graphics card. The main objective when buying is therefore to get the best performing chipset available. As you may know, running streaming software, 3D modeling software, or the latest games, can be very taxing on hardware not up to the task. and if you are thinking of using an external graphics card you are advised not to, the value for money is abysmal.

SSDs for a Windows 10 laptop

SSD or solid state drive greatly improves the performance of a PC, serving as a flash memory hard drive, backing up data at high speed. Compared to their mechanical counterparts, these work with read heads also known as HDDs. The SSD uses another method to manage data. Essentially, it uses the PC’s own components, like RAM, for example, to help it organize and store data. SSDs have a lot to offer, they are very quiet, energy efficientand very quiet. They are much tougher than hard drives. And when it comes to performance, there is no comparison between SSDs and HDDs because SSDs run large files, applications, and software almost instantly. Indeed, the SSD is the main standard these days. It is strongly recommended to choose the highest capacity chips, as these memory chips are usually soldered on the motherboard. This makes them impossible to change. But don’t worry, many models have an additional PCI-E port if you want to add a second SSD in NVMe format. Unfortunately. As for RAM, make sure you have at least 16 GB or more. The usual 8GB standard that has been established for some time now, is no longer suitable for newer games.

Best Windows 10 Gaming Laptop

If your primary goal for getting a laptop is to handle office tasks, the main criteria to focus on are battery life and portability. So you won’t need to get the components new games need. A laptop intended for gaming will be much noisier and battery life will be much shorter because it consumes more power. IF you want to pursue a career as a streamer, on a streaming platform like Twitch. Or even streaming with other software like OBS. You can try to build your own pc, selecting one by one the components of the pc. Otherwise, you can opt to pay the price of a portable gamer pc. This provides a mobile option, while not having to worry about selecting each piece individually

Here are some of the best laptops to consider these days:

  • Asus A15-TUF566IV-HN253T;
  • Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-53-74VP
  • Dell Inspiron G5 15-5500-252:
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1368nf.


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