Unlocking the process of how to take a screenshot on the laptop

Capturing the display of your screen is called a screenshot. Once you capture the screen through the functional key, it will automatically be copied to your computer. Now, you need to paste it wherever you want. And how to take a screenshot on the laptop is the most searched online. The screenshot process is very Windows to Windows or system.

how to take a screenshot on the  laptop

However, the process of capturing the screenshot depends on the software. Surprisingly, both Apple and Windows have their functions for this process. This article teaches you how to take a ScreenShot on a laptop.

Use of Screen Shots

You will require this in your classes, primarily online and at work. Whether you are using a Mac, Windows, or any other program, you can take a screenshot of your screen anytime. After that, You can Paste the screenshot into presentations, emails, files, and any other program or software you want. Furthermore, you can share in any format such as jpg, png, pdf, etc.

How to take a Screenshot on a Laptop through Keys

The print screen key is primarily used with other function keys. This key is placed in the keyboard at the upper right portion. This key has many names, like PrintScreen, PntScr, PrntScrn, PrtScr, PrtScn, and other abbreviations. Usually, Some keyboards come with this key, while sometimes it works with different keys. Now, the question arises: How to take a screenshot on the laptop without a print screen button on the keyboard? Then the answer is you press Insert and Fn together, and here you go with your screenshot.

Process of How to Take a Screenshot on a Laptop

There are numerous ways to take screenshots. Some of them are given below.

  • Snip and Sketch
  • Power + Volum Keys
  • Other Apps for Screenshot

Snip and Sketch

For this screenshot, press the Windows key with shift and S simultaneously. You will see the brightness getting low, and then the dialogue box will appear on your screen. Select the required option and capture your screen quickly.

After that, the screenshot will automatically save on your laptop. Now paste that into the document or any place you want. Moreover, This feature is more upgraded in Windows 11. Some of the key elements of this tool are given below.

  • It allows you to take a screenshot, whether in square or rectangular.
  • Surprisingly, it has a free-hand tool that captures the specific part you want.
  • You can choose any particular window to capture as well.

Afterward, you will easily answer anyone who asks how to take screenshots on the laptop.

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Power + Volum Keys

This option is available in Windows 10. You have to press the Power Button with the volume up button together, and here you go. Your screen captures and saved into your system. All you need is to paste it into the relevant document. 

How to take a Screenshot on Laptop through Other Apps

Other apps are for those unsatisfied with the default system available for screenshots. You can download screenshot apps for your laptop as well. These are the following.

A girl working on laptop
  1. Lightshot: It’s a Free application for quick capturing and sharing. Moreover, it adds different features of editing in capturing too.
  2. Greenshot: It allows editing and customization on your screenshot as well. Surprisingly, you can use this app for free, too. Furthermore, it also captures the front screen and scrolls it in one capture.
  3. ScreenRec: This one is also a free application. It helps you to record your screen and share it with others. In addition, you can share the recording link with others to join you live or watch it later.
  4. Snagit: This is the best option if you want to create gifts. But its premium version is not accessible, costing you around $50. Also, you can avail of a free trial as well. The negative side of the free trial is all the work you create during this period will contain a watermark. 


Now, you can answer how to take a screenshot on the laptop. Since it is the most searched online question, you can use screenshots in your classes, primarily online and at work. Also, you can Paste the screenshot into presentations, emails, documents, editing stuff, files, and any other program or software you want. Furthermore, You can use numerous ways to take screenshots, like Snip and Sketch, Power + Volum Keys, and Other Apps for Screenshots.

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