How to check if my PC is compatible with Windows 11

The arrival of Windows 11 is official, the new Microsoft operating system will arrive on our computers very soon, but it seems that we will need a computer that meets some minimum requirements and Microsoft offers us a tool with which we can check if our PC is compatible with Windows 11.

Windows 11 will be the new operating system that will be on millions of computers soon, just as the current Windows 10 has done or the remains of some computers with Windows 7. When Windows 10 appeared we realized that it could be installed on computers with very low resources , but in the case of Windows 11 it may not be so, so next, we will see how to check it.

We have seen that the minimum hardware requirements of Windows 11 are not high , but the big question of whether my PC meets them is the TPM 2.0. A module in Windows that allows us to have a higher level of physical security in our computer components, which was also implemented in 2016.

Requirements to install Windows 11

After the presentation of the new Redmond operating system , we have been able to see the requirements to be able to install it on our computer when it is officially released, so we leave you the requirements below:

  1. Processor: 2 cores at 1 GHz, 64-bit only.
  2. Screen: minimum 9 inches with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 px.
  3. RAM: 4GB
  4. Storage: at least 64 GB of disk.
  5. Graphics: support for DirectX 12 or WDDM 2.x.
  6. Security: UEFI firmware with Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 module.
  7. Connection: Internet and Microsoft account required to install Windows 11 Home.

Check if your PC is compatible with Windows 11

Microsoft has provided us with a free tool with which we can check the compatibility of our computer with Windows 11 ourselves , so we will show you in a few very simple steps how you can perform this check:

  1. The first step will be to download the application available on the Microsoft website, called PC Health Check.
  2. Next we will install the application like any other program that we install on our computer.
  3. When installed, an app will automatically open so that we can check the compatibility status of Windows 11 with our computer.
  4. Now a window will open in which we can see a summary of the characteristics of our PC , including the age of our computer, a fact that many of us may not know.
  5. Finally we will have to click on the blue button “Check now” .
  6. A message will automatically appear , this message may be positive in the event that you can update to Windows 11 when it is available or another in which it will tell you that your PC is not compatible.

Scan the compatibility of Windows 11 and your PC with this program

A user has published on his GitHub profile a small program very similar to the one that Microsoft has on its official website to check the compatibility of your computer with Windows 11, but it is true that the information provided by Microsoft software falls short , so with this program you can have more details about it.

Follow these steps to make your PC compatible with Windows 11 and know why it is not compatible:

  1. Download the “WhyNotWin11” analysis tool from the link below.
  2. The next step will be to run it as administrator.
  3. Now after a quick scan of your computer, the software will tell you if your computer is compatible with Windows 11 or not. In our case it is.

You should know that this list of requirements to verify that your computer is compatible or not with Windows 11 is based on the current requirements that Microsoft has communicated, so they could change as the release date of the new Microsoft operating system approaches. .

TPM 2.0 security module, a headache for many

In the list of requirements that appears above you have been able to see that one of the several requirements that we need to check if our equipment is compatible with Windows 11, is the TPM 2.0 module, a module that provides greater security to our system and that is certified by Microsoft, let’s see if our team has such a module:

  1. To see if our computer has this module, we will first press the key combination “Win + R” .
  2. Now we will write the following and press enter.


  1. A new window will open in which the module information will appear, if it does not run it is because your computer is not compatible.
  2. In the window you will be able to see the version in the last information module.

It is true that a few days ago Microsoft seems to have clarified things a bit and it is that having a TPM will be mandatory, but it will only be necessary to have the version of TPM 1.2 , so the range of computers that can be updated may be expanded.

This is the way in which we can check if our PC is compatible with Windows 11 , since Microsoft’s new operating system has been going strong, since we have seen a wide range of changes and news that we were all waiting for, all that remains is to wait until the end of the year to see what his arrival will be like.

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