The Dummies’ guide to Performance Power tools

A performance power tool is an actuated power source and mechanism other than manual labor. The main power source that drives the tool may be an electric motor, Internal Combustion Engine or a compressed air. Tools directly driven by animal power are not generally considered electric tools.

These tools are mostly searched and used by hobbyists.If you are planning to draw and make luxury cars from wood, you must have tools to increase your efficiency and performance.

In the next paragraph, we discuss the working principles of electric tools.

The working principle of electric tools is quite simple. A switch activates an electric motor which in turn drives the rotating chunk, allowing tools to bore holes, drive screws, etc. A combustion tool converts chemical energy into mechanical energy through IC Engine.

Types of tools

Power-actuated tools are of many types. The most simple of the tools is cordless power drill with rechargeable batteries. It is used for drilling holes, driving screws and other DIYs.

Hammering drill

A hammering drill is in the form of a rotary hammer that uses an impact mechanism to generate hammering motion.  The hammering drill consists of two sets of geared teeth which interact mechanically with one another.

Electric tool

Another in the tool is an impact gun electric tool. This tool stores energy while in rotation and delivers it quickly and at once to the output shaft. This tool is used where there is a necessity of high Torque such as heavy equipment maintenance and assembly of the product.

Electric Screwdriver

An Electric Screwdriver is an electric screwdriver which is simple to use, a switch and a locking mechanism. They are of two types, i.e. brushless and standard. The standard electric driver has small carbon brushes which rotates the electricity between the rotating shafts and stationary wires. The brushless model produces less heat, so there is less wear and tear on this model and thus it has longer life than the standard brush electric driver.

Nail Gun

A nail gun loads nails into the targeted surface and when you press the trigger, it shoots nails into the surface you are working on.

Impact Wrench

An impact wrench presses down on nuts and bolts and makes it easier to remove stuck and bolts. The most common power source for impact wrench is compressed air, although electric and combustion tools are used too.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage of using performance power tools is automation and high speed. Many of the construction and do it yourself works are time consuming and physically exhausting. For example, driving screws into concrete walls using hand tools is not only physically demanding but time consuming as well. Another advantage is that repair work or construction work can be done easily and efficiently with tools.

They have disadvantages as well.  They are more complex than hand tools and need more maintenance. They are more dangerous to handle because of their high speed while working. They have high costs of using hand tools. Because energy is required to power the tools.

Safety precautions while using tools

The following safety rules shall be applied when using tools

  • Don’t use electric tools in wet conditions.
  • Use appropriate Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Never carry a tool by its cord.
  • Use the right tool at the right place and for which it is made. For example, don’t use a wrench as a hammer.
  • Never leave the tool unattended.

Five Best Power tools to Buy in 2021

A strong reputation and longevity are what separates professional tools from others.

Milwaukee tool

Milwaukee’s reputation for superior tools include dozens of tools and equipment such as the Milwaukee sawzall brand with reciprocating saws.


Ridgid may not have many performance power tools in their portfolio and use advanced battery technology, but the one this company makes is worth discussing. It also provides a lifetime warranty to back its craftsmanship.


DeWalt manufactures hundreds of tools and equipment, including cordless and corded tools, hand tools and woodworking tools.

Klein tools

This brand focuses on quality materials, superior workmanship, and rigid manufacturing standards, to ensure that all the products can handle any professional-grade job.


Though Bosch has substantially more expensive power tools for sale and higher quality than other tools for homeowners, its products are excellent options for anyone who takes their project seriously, including semi-professionals and professionals.


In nutshell, performance power tools are machines mostly used in repair works, construction works, and DIYs that eases and get work done quickly. They are used in drilling holes, product assembly, driving screws, hammering and creating an impulsive impact.

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