How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp

For some reason that eludes you, your smartphone’s permission to use the microphone for the WhatsApp app has been revoked and you are no longer able to record the voice messages you loved to send to your friends. This has never happened to you before, which is why now you just don’t know where to put your hands to solve the problem.

Don’t panic: you need to know that you can remedy the incident in a handful of taps between the settings menus of your phone. If you continue with the next lines of the tutorial, you will find explained all the steps on how to activate the microphone on WhatsApp and, at the end of the reading, I am sure that you will be able to send the voices to your contacts again, regardless of the device used.

In fact, I will show you how to enable the use of the microphone on Android, iPhone and also on the computer versions of the famous instant messaging service of the Meta group. Then? Are you ready to get started? Optimal! Then I just have to wish you a good read.


  • How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: smartphone
    • How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: Android
    • How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: iPhone
  • How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: PC
    • How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp Web
    • How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp Desktop
  • How to activate microphone for WhatsApp video call
  • How to activate microphone on WhatsApp keyboard

How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: smartphone

Is the WhatsApp app , downloadable on Android devices (and also available in APK format on the official website of the service) and on the iPhone, causing you headaches because it “refuses” to allow you to use your phone’s microphone ? below I will show you how to solve this nasty situation. The steps to proceed are pretty similar and simple no matter what your target device is. Here are all the details.

How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: Android

Are you wondering how to activate the microphone on WhatsApp on an Android device ? I’ll gladly answer you right away: all you have to do is use the operating system settings of the “green robot”. To access the latter, press the gear icon that you can find at the top right of the notifications menu, on the home screen or in the app menu. Once this is done, proceed by pressing on the wording App and, then, select the item Manage app .

At this point, you will be shown the list of applications installed on your device, then tap on the WhatsApp icon and continue by pressing the App permissions item (it could also be called Permissions ). Now press on the Microphone item and then on the word Allow only while the app is in use (or, if it should be present, move the switch located next to the Microphone item to ON ). Congratulations! You just succeeded in your intent, did you see how simple it was?

Now do a test to see if everything works correctly by starting WhatsApp and sending a voice message .

How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: iPhone

What you would like to know right now is how to activate the microphone of WhatsApp iPhone ? Also in this case you will have to proceed from the settings of your operating system; I’ll show you immediately how to proceed. First, press the gear icon that you can find on the home screen or in the app Library of your “iPhone by”.

At this point, scroll through the list of items you find on the screen that is shown to you until you find the wording WhatsApp . Then tap on the latter and then press the switch located next to the Microphone item to bring the lever to ON ; this way you should have just activated the latter. It took a moment, right?

How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp: PC

Do you use the computer versions of WhatsApp , i.e. WhatsApp Web and / or WhatsApp Desktop (the latter is available on Windows and macOS ) and would you like to know how to enable the microphone on the latter? The activation method varies slightly between the two aforementioned applications and depending on your target operating system. Don’t worry though: the steps to follow in any case are pretty straightforward anyway. Read on to find out how to proceed.

How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp Web

In order to use the microphone on WhatsApp Web , the version of the famous instant messaging service accessible via any browser , you must first make sure that the microphone is correctly connected to the computer (I explained everything about it in this guide ) and, subsequently, you need to enable the relevant usage permission from your operating system settings .

If the latter is Windows 11 , to proceed in this sense, right-click on the Windows Start button (the one with the flag at the bottom, on the taskbar) and, from the menu that is shown to you, select the Settings item . In the screen that opens, proceed by pressing on the Audio item that you find in the list on the right and then click on the icon > which is placed in correspondence with the Microphone item .

Finally, click on the Allow button located next to the word Audio (if the item Do not allow is shown instead of the item Allow , do not press anything).

Next, also make sure that your computer’s privacy settings allow the use of the microphone. To do this, click on the Privacy and security item that you find in the left side menu, in the Windows 11 settings screen that you previously opened. Then, scroll down the page and press on the word Microphone .

At this point, if the switch located near the item Access to the microphone is disabled, turn the lever to ON by pressing on it (otherwise do not press anything). Subsequently, if set to OFF , activate (as I explained above) also the switch related to the wording Allow apps to access the microphone .

To repeat these same steps on Windows 10 , right-click on the Start button located on the taskbar at the bottom and select the Settings item . From here go to System> Audio . If the entry No device found is displayed under the heading Input , make sure you have connected the microphone as you find explained in the tutorial that I linked to you above, then press on the heading Manage audio devices at the bottom and, in the new screen that opens, select the voice Microphone . Finally, hit the Enable button .

Once this is done, also check that your computer’s privacy settings allow access to the microphone. Then go back to the initial Windows settings screen and, from here, go to Privacy> Microphone and, at this point, if the wording access to the microphone for this device is disabled at the top , press the Edit button located under this last item and click, then, on the word Disabled to cause the relative switch to be moved to ON .

In this way, the switch under the item Allow apps to access the microphone should also be activated (if not, press on it to activate it).

To repeat these same steps on macOS , access the System Preferences of the latter operating system by pressing the gear icon on the Dock at the bottom and from here go to Sound> Input . In the screen that is shown to you, make sure that the name of the microphone you are using is shown and, if necessary, increase its volume by moving the indicator on the bar relating to the Input Volume item to the right .

The next step, as in the case of Windows, is to make sure that the privacy settings allow the use of the microphone. Then go back to the system preferences home screen and, from there, go to Security & Privacy> Privacy> Microphone . Finally, if necessary, check the box next to the item relating to the browser you use by pressing on it.

At this point, you can launch WhatsApp Web to check that the microphone is active. How do you say? Are there any problems with the latter? In this case you can also activate it directly from the browser; if you use Google Chrome , once you have opened the WhatsApp Web tab, right-click on the padlock icon at the top left of the browser address bar and then click on the switch located next to the Microphone item to activate it. Finally, reload the web application page.

If, instead, you use Safari , click on the word Safari located at the top left and then select the Settings option for . Then, click on the Allow (or Ask ) item relating to the Microphone option and update the WhatsApp Web page.

How to activate the microphone on WhatsApp Desktop

Wait, are you asking me how to activate the microphone on WhatsApp on the WhatsApp Desktop client ? Just follow the instructions I have already given you in the previous chapter .

You will therefore initially need to enable the microphone on your operating system and then check that the privacy settings do not prevent its use. In this specific case, moreover, on Windows by going to Settings> Privacy> Microphone you will have to make sure that the lever relating to the WhatsApp Desktop item is active (if not, click on it; on Windows 11 the Privacy item is replaced by the wording Privacy and security ).

You can repeat the same step on macOS as well by going to System Preferences> Security & Privacy> Privacy> Microphone . For other details on how to reactivate the microphone, I refer you to my dedicated tutorial where you can find all the information you need.

How to activate microphone for WhatsApp video call

Would you also like to know how to enable the microphone to make video calls on WhatsApp ? In this case, I invite you to put into practice the instructions I gave you in the previous chapters, depending on the device on which you are using the instant messaging service in question.

Once you have enabled the microphone from the settings of your reference operating system , activating it during a video call is really a breeze: both from the smartphone app and from the WhatsApp Desktop client for computer, once you have started the video call , if the microphone is disabled, just press on its icon shown in the bar below to fix it.

That’s all! In my guide on how to make video calls on WhatsApp I have deepened all the aspects concerning this function, therefore, if I still have doubts about it, I suggest you consult it.

How to activate microphone on WhatsApp keyboard

If you have followed to the letter the steps that I showed you previously by performing a long tap on the microphone icon present next to the field for typing new messages in each WhatsApp chat you can send voice messages without any problem.

If the microphone is deactivated, by pressing on the icon of the latter and on any device you will be invited to enable it. You will then be automatically redirected to system settings to proceed. From there, it will be enough for you to follow the steps I have listed for you in the course of this tutorial you are reading to achieve your intent. I also remind you that on WhatsApp it is possible to compose messages even by dictating them by voice.

To do this, however, you will first have to make sure that the virtual keyboard of your device has access to the microphone (you can check this in a similar way to what I explained to you on the WhatsApp application for Android and iOS ); after that, you need to enable dictation from the keyboard settings.

If the one you use on Android is Google’s Gboard , which is the default keyboard on many smartphones equipped with this operating system (also available on iPhone and iPad ), to do this, access the system settings and go to Additional settings> Languages ​​and input> Manage keyboards> Gboard> Voice typing and from here you will have to press on the switch located next to the item Use voice typing to enable the latter.

To perform what I just told you on the iPhone , instead, go to the system settings and go to General> Keyboard> Enable dictation . Once these preliminary steps have been completed, to dictate the message you want to compose, simply call up your default keyboard on the screen (by pressing on the typing field), then tap on the microphone icon located on the keyboard itself and speak the message. .


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