Tesla cars can be controlled by hackers

The German cybersecurity expert announced that he was able to remotely control 25 Teslas thanks to security vulnerabilities.

Tesla is positioned as the most loved brand among electric car manufacturers. The battery technologies that the company offers to its customers are liked by everyone. In addition, the technological software of the cars manages to impress the users.

The software used in Teslas has a lot of firewalls. Although the company develops its software securely, there are some critical errors . In fact, it is claimed that someone else can control your vehicle because of these errors.

Young hacker announced that he can control Tesla cars!

19-year-old German hacker David Colombo, who wants to establish his own cyber security company and works in this field, made some statements on his own twitter account. Colombo said that he has remote control of 25 Tesla cars located in 13 different parts of the world, thanks to the security vulnerabilities he discovered in his statement.

In his articles, the young cybersecurity expert says that he uses many applications and API keys to gain access to tools. In addition , he explained that the security vulnerabilities are not Tesla ‘s fault, but the customers’ fault . In his posts, he says that he cannot control the steering and acceleration of the vehicles at the moment, and he states that this situation is still dangerous.

Now let me explain what I can do with these Teslas. I can turn off cars’ Sentry Mode, open doors/windows and start the car without a key. I can also see the clear position of the vehicle and whether the driver is inside. I can open a Rick Astley video from YouTube to trick drivers.
I think it’s dangerous for someone to turn on the music at full volume and open and close the doors/windows while you’re on the highway. Also, the constant flashing of lights on the highway can affect other drivers.

David Colombo later said that Tesla was sought after by the security team and that the team was working to find the vulnerability. The young cybersecurity expert says he never had bad intentions . It is a matter of curiosity how Tesla will solve this situation in the coming days. So, what are your thoughts? Would you like your vehicle to be controlled by someone else? Do not forget to leave your comments and opinions below.

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