Tekken 8: when is it coming out?

The latest episode of Tekken fighting games is always talked about as a new version, Tekken 8 is already announced. This has been in preparation for a few months and in this case targets the next-gen PS5 / Xbox consoles. Video game enthusiasts are therefore impatiently awaiting this new creation which also adapts well to the XIS series in an exclusive way. When is the release date for this episode? Find answers here!

A release announcement for late 2021, according to a Reddit post

No official date has been announced for the release of tekken 8 . However, certain indiscretions suggest a probable launch by Bandai Namco in December 2021. This could, for technical reasons, be postponed until the first quarter of 2022 at the latest.

Most of the Internet users are also wondering about the type of arcades that will accompany this new version of the game. They wonder if like the tekken 7 , the arcades of this one will be good before the consoles or not. Bandai Namco ‘s new tekken has a construction similar to the street fighter .

This 8ᵉ episode which will be known to the public probably in February or March 2022 has enormous advantages. It will, in fact, be a cinematic sequel to the tekken 7 legendary edition . This will undoubtedly bring a little more clarity to the game.

A release in the April 2022 period of the PS5 and Xbox

The numerous signs at the Bandai Namco studio responsible for the development of the Tekken 8 have practically nothing to predict the release date of this creation. The suspense over this fighting game has remained, despite the actual holding of E3 2021. The good news is that you can now rejoice.

This episode will be brought to the attention of tekken or street fighter enthusiasts in April 2022. This is at least what emerges from the announcement of the development team in October 2021. This new version adapts well to  ps5 / xbox consoles and offers many improvements in the e-gaming industry, especially fighting games.

The release of tekken in april 2022 will be due to the accommodations that namco is making to the characters that were absent from the tekken 7 legendary edition . Indeed, specific roles have been entrusted to other actors who will play around Jin Kazama and Kazuya, in this new tekken version.

The possibility of a release in 2023 for series x and Windows

The next release of tekken will probably be for 2023 and for good reason, the Smartphone version that the game publisher is developing could take a few more months. The other aspect determining this date is the usual gap between tekken game releases. This varies between a year and a half and two years.

Thus, after a probable release at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, it will be necessary to wait until 2023 for the sequel.

The version of tekken bandai offers several possibilities of modes to the players with for starting point that related to the history. More specifically, it will allow you to fight in 3v3. Which means that you can choose your own fighters in order to face an established team beforehand.

In addition to the 50 of the previous version, other characters will probably be added. This allows you to make new discoveries, but also combinations that can help you achieve important victories. However, you will have to wait until 2023 to have a clear idea of ​​the contours of this new episode.

Regarding the level of the games, if version 7 imposed itself thanks to Street Fighter 5, this one will succeed in hooking the players thanks to a more moving adventure. In fact, in addition to this competitive gaming juggernaut, you can offer yourself an additional e-sports experience in 2023. This is the EVO championship, which is now part of Sony-Playstation.

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