Subnautica game crashes on startup

Unfortunately, there are flaws in computer games: low FPS, brakes, crashes, bugs, freezes and other errors. Let’s give a specific example: the issue of the error “The program has stopped working” or not.

Description of the problem

When you start Subnautica, it loads briefly, then a “black screen” appears with version information at the top. Following this, the game is closed. It is worth noting: many users write that the video game is completely new – only the latest version purchased. At the same time, the following parameters are set:

  • Windows 10 (latest updates).
  • Ryzen 1700.
  • 8 GB of memory.
  • AMD RX 580, 18.5.1 and 18.5.2 (latest version).

There have been attempts to use two sound cards with 41 kHz:

  • Line 6 GX.
  • Realtek chipset on mobo.

The task manager does not provide the load of the processor, disk or memory at all, but at the same time the load of the direct GPU is 99%. Nothing happens. The stack trace shows that there is a crash while compiling the shaders. How can this be fixed?

Black screen problems

They are often related to GPU malfunctions. You need to check if the video card meets the minimum requirements. In some cases, the black screen is due to insufficient performance. If things are fine with the hardware, try switching ALT + TAB (another window), and then return to the previous game window. It may also be triggered by the accumulated weight of subnautic conservation. In turn, this forces the video game to consume more RAM and, accordingly, hard disk space. Moreover, the game uses a lot of RAM, the problem with its shortage can be eliminated by increasing the paging file. This is done so that the game can consume memory from the hard drive when it runs out of RAM.

What solutions can there be

In a computer, almost every system device requires certain software: drivers, libraries, various files to ensure stable operation of the PC. To solve the problem, start with the video card drivers.

Updating Drivers

For the good functioning of Subnautica, install the latest drivers and preferably for the entire PC system. Often, developers prepare specially optimized drivers for the game for the release of computer games. You can do the following: Download and immediately run Driver Updater. You can download it for free from the official website.

… Use it to scan the system for outdated drivers, if any, update them.

Rolling back the driver

To rollback means to install an earlier version, if the problem could not be solved by installing new ones. Note: this error often occurs with AMD video cards, due to a bug that appeared in version 18.5.1. It should be noted that BETA – 18.5.2 did not fix this problem, and the game developers advise to return to the more stable version 18.4.1. It should work. It is better to download drivers for a video card from an official source from AMD.

Disable the built-in card

If you have multiple video cards, disabling the built-in card can help solve the problem. Note: when running a game on an integrated video card, it is often weaker in power than a discrete one. A video game may simply not meet the minimum requirements, in fact, this may cause it to crash after launch.

Deleting Saves

The next fix is ​​to delete useless saves from the game folder: SubnauticaSNAppDataSavedGames. Please note that each save file is located in a separate folder. The last option to fix this error is the swap file extension.


Keep in mind that video games often require the latest version of DirectX to function properly. If you download – use exclusively official Microsoft sources!

Try not to use beta versions, as it is possible that there are many errors that have not yet been recognized. Download only the latest video card drivers that are verified and certified by the official website.

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