State of Decay 2 crashes on startup

As State of Decay 2 becomes popular, users are increasingly complaining about various problems, for example, the game crashes on startup. Judging by the feedback from gamers, there are several effective solutions. In the overwhelming majority of problems related directly to the launch and the quality of the game’s performance are related to the “usual”, therefore, they are “treated” with quite standard methods.

Possible reasons

A critical error with freezing or crashing of a video game may appear directly at launch or during gameplay. In this case, the version of Windows does not matter in principle. Crash can be triggered by:

  • problems in the language packs of Windows;
  • blocking by antivirus software;
  • outdated version of video and / or component drivers;
  • some game files are damaged.

Reinstalling a language pack

Judging by the reviews on various gaming forums, this solution to the problem with State of Decay 2 really works.

  1. The combination of keys Win + S, in the dialog box you need to enter “Language and Regional Standards”.
  2. You need to click “Add language”. Select English, most likely there is English (US). You need to change it to another language, for example, English Australian or others.
  3. After that, restart your computer and start the game.

Disable antivirus

Often times, a game crashes on launch due to antivirus software blocking the gameplay. Try to disable your antivirus while starting the video game. It only requires a few clicks:

  • Open the list of running programs;
  • Right-click on the antivirus shortcut and select “Pause protection” or “Disable”.
  • Select “Suspend for 10 or 20 minutes” or “Disable until PC restarts.”

Everyone, start the game. If the problem persists, try another method.

Updating video card drivers

Often it is the video driver that fails. When a video game crashes, updating drivers often helps. How to do it:

  • Right click on “Start” / “Device Manager”.
  • Open Display Adapters.
  • Right-click on the name of the discrete video card. Then select Update Drivers.
  • Choose “Automatic Search”.

After that, close all extraneous windows, and then start State of Decay 2.

Installing Microsoft DirectX

Not all computer games work without DirectX, but the problem is most often not in the absence of this program, but in an outdated version or damage. To fix the game crashes, you need to reinstall the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. It is recommended to download only from the official distribution kit:

Reinstalling the game

This is the most radical way to solve problems when starting the game State of Decay 2. There is nothing difficult, you need to uninstall and reinstall.

  • Go to Steam and RMB click on the name of the game.
  • Select “Remove”.

Search the store for a video game and re-download. Of course, reinstalling will take a certain amount of time, but it will reliably save you from the problems that have arisen.

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