ROG Phone: Best for geeking anywhere?

Around the world, the computer and video game industry welcomes new tools with multiple functionalities every year. Among the revolutionary devices created in recent years is the ROG phone. Created by the Asus brand, this electronic device simultaneously fulfills the function of smartphone, camera and even game console. Find out here what you need to know to make the most of this Asus tool.

The ROG phone: what is it?

The ROG phone is a device designed by the Asus brand whose main function is to play online games. Indeed, this tool allows gamers around the world to access their game interfaces and play, regardless of where they are.

Created in 2018, the tool uses one of the best processors on the market: the snapdragon 845 plus . With its adapted lighting and its size of more than 6 inches , it offers geeks better visibility and a very modern graphic interface. In addition, the sounds are well framed with the images for better visual and auditory comfort .

Equipped with HDR delta E , the brand’s Rog phone reproduces colors accurately. This feature of the device allows its user to enjoy good image resolution as well as adequate lighting.

The tool has a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh . It can therefore last more than 24 hours without its battery draining. Comes with a high-performance heat sink , the device is connected to the game center which makes better use of the mobile and optimizes other gaming features.

How to connect ROG phone to MAC?

The Asus RoG phone is a device that has all the necessary functions to connect to other electronic devices. However, to connect ROG phone to Mac, you need to take some precautions.

It is recommended to install the ” Android file transfer ” file transfer program on the mobile beforehand . Indeed, this tool will serve as a bridge and establish the connectivity link between the two devices. Once the program is downloaded and installed, connect your ROG to the Mac with a USB cable . Then go to the settings to activate the allow unknown sources tab.

Do not forget to go to the notifications of your mobile to click on the USB option. You will then be able to link the two devices and perform different types of file transfers . Take advantage of the operation to evaluate the different options available to you thanks to this established connection.

How to connect the ROG phone to a PC?

To connect your ROG phone to your PC, you just need a USB cable. Connect the cable to the gaming smartphone . You must also perform the same process as for the Mac. Once in the notifications tab, click on file transfer.

If you don’t have a USB cable, you can connect your ROG phone to your computer using the AirDroid software . This program allows you to perform different tasks. Compatible for both PC and Mac, it allows you to:

  • write your messages,
  • Access your directory,
  • Backup your files,
  • Take screenshots…

After installing the software , create a personal account on the device. You then need to copy the app URL to the Mac or PC. Perform a search and establish the connection link. Once all these steps have been completed, you can perform all your backups on your various devices, no longer need a USB cable.

The cost of an ROG phone is usually quite high. However, this revolutionary device is an essential tool for geeks and gamers. More than just a mobile phone, the device has all the features that make it possible to offer the gamer the best equipment he needs to accumulate his rewards. In addition to being compatible with a PC or a Mac, it offers a unique and attractive interface.

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