Eve Online: Is it still running?

Eve Online game is still running or not 

For almost a decade, Eve Online has been running as a shining star in an era of multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs).As of latest information, Eve-Online is still running and continuing to captivate its players with its player driven and expansive universe.

A veritable phenomenon when it was released on May 23, 2003, It is a SandBox game that currently receives a little less media coverage. What becomes of Eve-Online today? Answers here.

Eve Online, what is it becoming?

Although less publicized today, Eve Online continues to interest a large number of players. They are thousands of players who continue to bring the game to life. Here is the latest news on Eve Online.

Whovian-style battles at Proving Grounds

It is planned between January 28 at 11 a.m. (UTC) and February 1, 2022 at 11 a.m. (UTC) on the abyssal proving grounds, fights in Whovian mode for capsuleers . Said fights will end the EVE Online X Doctor Who crossover and aim for 2v2 fights with a little Whovian side. Prospective participants are advised to choose allies and begin to prepare.

Blackbird, Bellicose, Caracal, Moa, Arbitrator, Omen, Stabber, Vexor, Rupture, Celestis, Mallere and Thorax are the hulls that will be authorized for this event. There are a few rules to observe during the tournament.

  • Banned will be Sense Attenuators, Shield Power Relays, Shield Reloaders, Shield Flux Coils, and MDF Field Bleeders.
  • All ships participating in this round of confrontation may have a local repair module equipped.
  • Only pilots who will be equipped with Meta level modules/implants will be allowed to enter.

By respecting these rules, you will be able to play in complete peace of mind.

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Brief confrontation on the experimental sites

From last January 22 at 11 a.m. (UTC) to January 23, 2022 at 11 a.m. (UTC) a 24-hour confrontation has been planned on the experimental sites. The access conditions were as follows:

  • Only the exploration frigates Heron, Probe, Magnate and Imicus were allowed to enter the arena.
  • A huge number of Converging Acceleration and Deceleration Nexus were present throughout the duration of this Proving Ground.
  • The overheat effects of Missile Launchers, Turrets, Resistance Mods, Repair Mods, Lock Mods and Energy War Mods have been increased by 100%.
  • Turret damage increased by 100%.
  • Fixtures and implants were limited to the Meta 0 level.

Finally, authorization was given for the installation of remote sensing attenuators

Race through the stars

On March 9, 2019, an unprecedented event took place. Indeed, Katia Sae became the first person to explore every system accessible in EVE Online. It has traversed 7,805 systems, ie 5,201 systems within New Eden and 2,604 systems within Anoikis. Additionally, Katia Sae has navigated all systems in EVE Online without losing a single ship in combat throughout her journey through the ecosystem. This magnificent adventure began in 2009. It therefore took him less than 10 years.

However, his feat was reissued and his record was simply shattered. Indeed, capsuleer Henrique Arnolles began his journey on February 1, 2021 and completed it in just 224 days . The icing on the cake, he didn’t lose a single vessel.

All these events testify for who would still doubt that Eve Online continues to run.

Benefits of playing EVE Online

EVE-Online is an MMORGP (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) game featuring Earth 21,000 years later. Humans having exhausted almost all of the Earth’s resources, they began to explore and colonize the rest of the Milky Way. The extension thus started, gave rise to many battles in order to have a maximum of resources. Eve Online offers a purely science fiction universe that is quite violent and dark but very interesting.With EVE-Online, you are what you want to be, engineer, doctor, etc. You can play alone or in a team . Moreover, Eve Online is constantly evolving game.


Is Eve Online still active?

Yes, people are still playing Eve Online. Despite the dip in logged in accounts because of an increase in subscription prices in 2022, this game still has a good player base.

What is the Eve Online 2023 update?

For Eve Online in 2023, Havoc is the second major expansion. This update opens up as a wealth of adventures, choices, and combat options. This world is hazardous which is filled with the opportunity to live a pirate’s life in New Eden.

How much RAM do you need for EVE Online?

The RAM of 4GB or higher is better with at least 1024 MB VRAM.

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