How Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Incorporated with Cutting-Edge AI in 2023

The Second generation of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses will launch on 17th October. Surprisingly, a pre-order option is also available through and The starting price is $299. Meanwhile, the price is higher than the available glasses in the market.

Ray-Ban Meta

In 2021, The first-generation Ray-Ban Meta launched with 20 combinations. This time, Meta and Ray-Ban offer a variety of features in one product along with AI. Eventually, you can capture your favorite moment with your preferred angle. Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have a 12MP camera instead of 5MP like the first generation. Now, you can record 1080p videos around 60 seconds. Moreover, the audio quality will remain the same. 

Wearable Technology

Now, you can interact with Wearable Technology with ease. This device has a high-resolution camera, built-in speaker, and five array microphones. Meanwhile, at the same time, you have a live-streaming option as well. Now, you can listen to music, send essential messages without using your phone, and perform multiple other tasks. Surprisingly, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are incorporated with Meta AI. It offers Hands-Free control through Voice Command. Just Say, Hey Meta, and give you command. It allows you to perform your tasks and control settings per your requirements. 

Furthermore, you have a wide range of Fames and Lens options to choose whatever you like. Meanwhile, More than 150 combinations and prescriptive lenses are also available.  Ray-Ban Meta Glasses also have an almost 36-hour battery with an upgrade process. The overall design has been revised, including a slim appearance and lighter weight. Sadly, With all these promising features, it has some limitations. Although it has a strong processor, it will not work in harsh environments and some medically restricted people. 

In short, AI-enabled Ray-Ban Smart Glasses are innovative EyeWear Wearables. It delivers an impressive AR experience. Although it’s a user-friendly device, it also has some medical and environmental restrictions. However, the advanced AI feature makes this device prominent among all available devices. Undoubtedly, it has a successful future in the market. 

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