PS4 Error CE-39985-4

PS4 system users often face a problem that is interpreted as an error when connecting to PSN servers. This time it is error CE-39985-4. In the previous article, we wrote about a similar error CE-39935-9The solution to error CE-39985-4  is largely independent of the user’s actions since in most cases the problems lie with the PlayStation Network. Try to connect to PSN after a while, as their server may be undergoing technical work or is simply overloaded.

To check the operation of the PlayStation Network server, just go through this. In the case when the PSN network is working as usual, we advise you to pay attention to your router. Update its firmware to the latest version. Many PS4 users have advised that changing the MTU value in the router settings to 1473 helped them resolve the CE-39985-4 error.

The easiest way to resolve error CE-39985-4  is to test your Internet connection. Go to the menu item  [Settings]  >  [Network]  and select  [Test Internet connection] . It would also be a good idea to temporarily disconnect devices sharing the same Internet connection.

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