Pocketbook 740 Review

And here is a larger e-book from Pocketbook from our collection! The screen diagonal is 7.8 inches, there is a backlight, it supports a large number of formats, good resolution and a dual-core processor on board – these are some of the features of this reader.

Read more about what this unit can do below. And at the end of the article there will be a video supplement to the review, which will help you to see the device even better.

So what about the features?

  • Screen:E-Ink Carta, 7.8″, touchscreen, 1872×1404
  • Images:JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF;
  • Operating system:Linux;
  • Permanent memory:8 Gb (6.46 Gb available to the user);
  • RAM:1024 Mb;
  • Memory card support:microSD;
  • USB:microUSB;
  • Backlight:yes, adjustable, color temperature setting available;
  • Dimensions:5 cm x 13.7 cm x 0.8 cm;
  • Weight:210 g.

Standard equipment: Pocketbook 740 e-book, warranty card and manual, microUSB cable:

In addition to the black reader, which I describe here, a brown version is also available for sale.

The case of the device is plastic, thin. The device lies well in the hand. There are mechanical buttons at the bottom, flipping through them is not as interesting as using the sensor, but the “home” buttons are on the left and the “options” buttons on the right are still in the subject.

Unlike Kindle Voyage (where the front is completely glass), here the screen is set a little deeper than the level of the case, which is probably better protected from cullet, but still not as cool to the touch as the Kindle.

The Pocketbook 740 model has a power button located at the bottom of the device, next to it you will find microSD and microUSB slots.

There are no buttons on the side and top faces:

At the time of writing this review, in addition to the PocketBook 740, there are 6 more readers in our home collection: Kindle 5, Kindle Voyage , Onyx Boox Kon-Tiki 2, Xiaomi InkPalm 5, Lbook V3+ and Onyx Boox Poke 3, which reached us a couple of days ago from China.

And this is what these readers look like in comparison with the described instance:

Working with fonts

In the Pocketbook 740 reader, you can adjust the font size, indents from the edges and line spacing. You can also choose one of 26 fonts preinstalled on the reader.

You can change the font size by pressing the right mechanical button “options”, then tapping “Settings”. In the “Page” settings submenu , a slider will appear at the bottom , dragging which you can select the font size from 7th to 40th.

Here you can change the indentation and line spacing, as well as turn word wraps on or off.

Changing the font type and size does not happen quickly (you can see it in the video that I added at the bottom of the review), but the paging speed when reading is quite comfortable.

Working with PDF

The large screen size of the device makes it possible to more comfortably view fine details in PDF documents than on 6-inch readers. But it’s still not a ten. The adequacy of the choice of the diagonal of the reader depends on the tasks that you face.


You can go to the backlight settings by pressing the right mechanical button “Options”, after which you need to swipe the top of the screen down (“drag” your finger from the top of the reader screen down).

You can adjust both brightness and color temperature. In the video supplement to the overview of the backlighting features shown here .

Illuminates comfortably, but I still prefer to read in daylight or with the lights on in the room.

Working with the library

Pocketbook 740 – working with the library

The library in this reader is arranged conveniently.

You can sort books by authors, genres, folders, formats, and series. It is possible to add books to collections and favorites. Sorting is available, both by the name of the books and by the name of the files (which, by the way, do not always match).

In general, the library is organized here quite worthy.

In the video supplement to the review, Pocketbook 740 showed: left-handed grip , right-handed grip , two-handed grip , text display settings , backlight settings , working with PDF and displaying books in the library .

I told a little about the reader, I will finish.

Strengths of Pocketbook 740:

  • Large and high contrast screen
  • Conveniently organized library
  • Comfortable backlight with adjustable color temperature
  • Support for all major e-book formats
  • A large number of pre-installed fonts

Weaknesses of the Pocketbook 740:

  • The front part of the body of the device is made of Soft-touch material, which collects dust quite well
  • Low speed of changing font settings with a comfortable page turning speed while reading

And here is what I would like to note separately, what is really missing. The manufacturer has its own service for reading e-books by subscription, but not a single reader from the current model range supports this service. I would like to see native support for this service on at least some devices. Or, if this is problematic, at least Android on some of the devices offered.

In general, I liked the device, it is comfortable to read on it. The larger screen is a useful feature for home reading. Omnivorousness can also sometimes help out.

Such are my impressions of this reader.

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Thank you for your attention!

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