Pc for video editing: what characteristics?

Whether you are a video editing professional or want to get started in this field, the choice of your pc is crucial, because it is its performance that will determine the quality of your videos.

How to choose a pc for video editing?

You will have to choose a fixed or portable PC according to your needs. If you travel regularly, a laptop is better suited because it allows you to work wherever you are. Note however that it will be quite heavy and impossible to dismantle and modify. If you always work in the same place, a fixed PC will suit you, you can also dismantle it to modernize it . To choose a well-defined screen, consider color space, contrast ratio and refresh rate, don’t forget the screen cap to eliminate stray reflections.

The processor is the brain of the pc which will execute all the commands, so it must be chosen wisely. Video editing requires a lot of resources, you must opt ​​for a powerful processor with at least 6 cores allowing it to perform several tasks simultaneously, and a frequency of 2.5. GHz or higher to prevent your pc from being slow to process data.

RAM is also important because it provides the space needed to temporarily store the files necessary for the proper functioning of PC software. It is recommended to have 32 GB of RAM because video editing software requires a lot of space, you can also add memory sticks to increase your RAM and work comfortably without the pc slowing down.

For a fixed PC, opt for a classic hard drive to store all your files and a flash memory drive (SSD) to install the operating system and software. If the PC is portable, opt for a large capacity SSD , access to data will be faster.

If the graphics card is not essential for video editing, it can relieve the processor, but it does not need to be high performance. You can also add an additional sound card to that of the motherboard for an even more professional look.

Add-on software and accessories

After choosing the right configuration for your pc, you must then equip it with some accessories as well as essential software for editing videos. To be able to work comfortably, it is advisable to equip yourself with a desk and an ergonomic chair, a suitable lamp, keyboard and mouse, a fast memory card reader, and an external hard drive to save your videos.

Professional video editing software performs several functions, such as 360° recordings for VR videos, 4k resolution, or even the impression of depth for 3D films, so you have to choose them carefully. Some of the best paid video editing software include:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC;
  • Adobe Premiere Elements;
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 10;
  • Wondershare Filmora X.

There are also free software for Windows such as:

  • Shotcut;
  • VSDC Video Editor;
  • Windows Movie Maker;
  • Mini TOOL Movie Maker.

Configuration examples for 4K and Full HD editing

If you are a professional, you can choose all the components and assemble the pc yourself, as the saying goes “one is only well served by oneself”. If, on the other hand, you are a beginner, it is preferable to opt for a mounted pc.

Configurations for Full HD video editing

There is a whole variety of fixed PCs that offer great fluidity for Full HD editing, among these computers, we offer the “Acer Nitro” models; “Vibox Tower”; “Dell XPS” or “HP Pavilion”; great performance for Full HD editing.

If you want a laptop, you can opt for the “15 MSI” laptop; the “15 Dell”; the “16HP”; the “15 Lenovo” or the “15 Acer”; all good for Full HD editing. Note that their prices are around 1000 euros and more, so they are more expensive than fixed PCs.

Configurations for 4K video editing and more

For 4K video editing and more, we offer you among the fixed PCs the models: “Asus PA90”; “HP Omen”; “Dell Aurora R10”; “MSI Trident” and “Tower Sedatech”, considered high performance configurations . You will only be delighted!

For laptops, there are also very satisfactory models such as: the “15 Gygabyte”; the “15 Azus Zenbook”; the “17 Dell” and the “17 MSI”.

Should you buy a 15-inch laptop for video editing?

It doesn’t matter if it’s for your hobby or if you want to become a youtuber, if you plan to make videos, it is important to be equipped at a minimum. The question between a fixed pc or a laptop can arise, but it is to be seen according to your habits. Nowadays, the performance of laptops has nothing to envy to fixed ones. In addition, they offer the advantage of being able to be transported everywhere. So, if you want to do editing at home, then at your place of work or even on vacation, you can do it.

If this interests you, choosing a 15-inch laptop seems like the best idea to us. Of course, it will be necessary to ensure that the components are also up to scratch.

  • The processor is decisive if you want to perform tasks quickly. So pay attention to the number of cores and processor speed.
  • For the graphics card, a mid-range model will be sufficient.
  • Also consider an SSD hard drive, which will give you faster access to your files.
  • Finally, you will need at least 8 GB of RAM.

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