Top 9 most overrated games

Top 9 most overrated games: Journalists and bloggers involved in the gaming industry do not always write the truth when evaluating video games.

The fact is that in order to be the first to get the coveted copy of a fresh project, they must definitely praise it.

So even honest reviewers cannot be objective while sitting on the hook of publishers.

In addition, the gaming community has its “sacred cows” in the form of non-judicial games and series, which are usually praised, not criticized. So there are overrated games that are undeservedly given high ratings.

Top 9 most overrated games

GTA 4  , unlike the large-scale and cheerful GTA San Andreas, turned out to be an unforgettable project, despite the amazing physics and new software. True, GTA V returned the series beloved by many to its usual state. Well, GTA IV was a bad experience.

Half-Life  is considered the very “sacred cow”. However, if the 1st part can be called revolutionary, then the 2nd practically did not bring anything fresh to the project. Its developer, Valve Softwar, after two almost identical episodes, refused to release the third part.

BioShock Infinite  is the sequel to the iconic first-person shooter. The project is not bad, but its estimates are clearly exaggerated. Undoubtedly, the highlights of the game are its design and graphics, as well as its bizarre story. But with the gameplay there were problems, because it does not develop the ideas of existing parts.

The Sims  has received high praise, probably due to nostalgic players. By and large, this series is rather specific and boring. If you play according to the rules, then it turns into a viscous routine. The new parts of The Sims, by the way, are rated lower, despite the greater amount of content.

The FIFA project  continues every year. New features are easily added to the DLC, and the games that appear with enviable constancy do not fundamentally change. However, the crowds of fans do not seem to notice this, sweeping the new game off the shelves.

Pokemon GO  initially captivated a lot of players who only talked about it. However, everything ended after a few weeks, although the idea of ​​​​the game was great. She encouraged communication, joint walks. However, users for some reason quickly became bored. Perhaps the game itself was ahead of its time.

Stronghold Crusader  is a pretty good game with great graphics and design. However, there are complaints about its gameplay part. For example, taking enemy fortresses has become a routine matter, and the level of enemies does not affect tactics. So the gameplay of this project is clearly outdated.

Red Dead Redemption  is an excellent western with a good storyline and developed characters. However, the game mechanics of the game and its empty landscapes significantly spoil the impression, bringing melancholy. It can be seen that this project is clearly priced higher than it should.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild  is the most overrated video game of the decade. Its advantages are a good open world, a lot of gameplay features, and among the shortcomings one can note the elaboration, detail, and a simple plot.


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