“Oops, something went wrong” when logging into Windows 10

After the appearance of Windows 8 / 8.1, Microsoft introduced the practice of using a Microsoft account as a profile. This option has many advantages (including sync across devices, purchases). But there were some mistakes. Namely, some users have encountered an error, an unusual message “Oops, something went wrong”, when trying to sign in with a Microsoft account. We have listed several options for solving this problem, choose yours.

Make sure the password is correct

First, make sure you entered the correct password. See if the caps is enabled, if the layout is right. Situations like this are common. If you recently changed your password, restart your computer. Then try to reset it. To no avail? Go to step 2.

Creating a temporary profile

This requires installation media (Media Creation for Windows 10). When there is a bootable disk or DVD, we get access to the command line, create a new user account. This will give you access to the system to delete or restore the faulty profile with an error.

Check the Group Policy Editor

If you are using an alternate security method and are unable to sign in, there is a solution. Try resetting your password. If to no avail, be sure to check the policy editor. There is data relating to third-party sites. It should be disabled by default, but 10 can do anything, so check it out. Where to find how to disable:

  • In the Search bar, enter Group Policy, open Change Group Policy.
  • Go to this path:

Computer Configuration Windows Settings Security Settings Local Policy Security Settings Accounts: Lock out Microsoft accounts.

  • Right click (right pane) and open Properties.
  • Make sure the policy is disabled.
  • Restart your computer, try logging in again with the same profile.

Use the local version and switch to your profile

Some users managed to solve the problem manually, avoiding the error by switching between accounting and local. If you want to know how to log in with a local account, follow the instructions below:

  • Press the Windows key + I.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Choose your information.
  • Click on “Login with a local account. recording “.
  • Enter information for your current troublesome Microsoft profile.
  • Give it a name and optionally add a password.
  • Confirm the changes, log out.
  • Try to sign in again later. For some, it works.

Removing credentials

Quite often, many system files are damaged. They are stored on the PC. To solve the problem, delete the contents of the credentials folder.

  • In the search bar, type% localappdata%, press Enter.
  • Open the Microsoft folder, delete the folder.
  • Restart your computer, try logging in.


Windows updates can be the cause of many problems. Therefore, stay tuned to your system, it will probably solve most of your problems. You don’t have to manually check for them.

  • In Windows Search, enter check, then “Check for Updates.”
  • Click “Check for Updates”.
  • Be sure to install the updates available for download.

Reset your computer to factory settings

If none of the steps removed the “Oops, something went wrong” error, reset your PC to factory settings. Some users tried to restore the system, it helped them. Rebooting the PC will save all applications and settings thanks to the new Windows 10. We hope you managed to fix the error “Oops, something went wrong”.

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