Online billiards

The sound of the cue hitting the ball, the moments of suspense spent waiting for an opponent’s move, the atmosphere that is created around the game table: none of this can be recreated on the computer. However it must be admitted, some online pool games are really fun and well done.

If you don’t believe it, try taking a look at the titles I’m about to report to you below. They are all free to access and work directly from the browser, without downloading or installing software on your computer. I bet you will like them.

How do you say? Do you also like to play on your mobile? No problem, there are some beautiful free pool games for smartphones (and tablets) too. But let’s go in order.

If you want to play pool online , start adding to your favorites. If you have never heard of it, it is one of the best portals dedicated to Flash games. This means that inside you can find dozens of games dedicated to billiards playable directly from the browser, without downloading additional plugins or software on your PC.

In the section of Y8 dedicated to billiards you can find titles of all kinds: there are excellent single-player games, such as Billiards , which allow you to challenge the CPU and other games, such as Pool Live Pro , which instead give access to online multiplayer challenges with others. players from all over the world.

The site itself does not provide for any registration obligation. However, multiplayer titles often require authentication via Facebook or the creation of free accounts on third-party services. Furthermore, many of them are based on virtual coin systems that provide for the earning of tokens during multiplayer challenges, through daily bonuses or their purchase with real money.

Would you like to find an online pool game accessible from your computer and smartphone, so you can have fun on the go? Then you should check out Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool , one of the most popular video games of its kind available on PC, Android and iPhone / iPad devices .

From a PC it can be used directly from the browser, therefore connected to its official website and click on the Play button . At this point, you are asked to create a free account to access the game: choose whether to register using your email address (by filling out the form that is proposed to you) or to log in via Facebook by clicking on the button with the social network logo.

Subsequently, you can participate in a multiplayer match against a user chosen randomly by the system (by clicking on the Play button  ) or you can subscribe to a tournament (by clicking on the Tournaments button  ). If you want to challenge a friend of yours who is registered in the game, click instead on the Play friends button and find his nickname using the appropriate search bar.

8 Ball Pool is free but, like many other online games, it uses a system of virtual coins (called Win Pool Coins ) that can be won thanks to bonuses in the game or can be purchased with real money. Upon registration, 250 free coins are awarded to each player, but 25 must be spent to participate in the games.

If you want, you can also try the game without subscribing to it. Just select the guest option in the game’s start menu, but in this case you can only participate in multiplayer challenges against other guest users.

Staying on the subject of mobile devices, I would also recommend the excellent Pool Break 3D . It is a billiards game for Android and iPhone / iPad featuring beautiful 3D graphics and an online multiplayer game function.

After downloading it from Google Play or the App Store , start it and press the Billiards button . At this point, choose the type of billiards you want to try your hand at (e.g. 8-ball pool , Rotation Pool , Square and hit ), the size of the table you prefer to use and press the Pass and Play button to play against the CPU or the Network Player button to challenge a real opponent in online multiplayer mode. In the latter case, to start playing you have to type in the name to be displayed on the screen and your game ID(you can choose both freely) and then you have to press on Join a public match .


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