Nintendo DS: What are the different models?

When it comes to games to play with the family, the Nintendo DS line of game consoles far outstrip the competition when it comes to this category. In addition, it has evolved over the years and is now available in several series models. A past master in the art of powerful, efficient and comfortable mobile consoles, the NintendoDS does not leave admirers indifferent. She knew how to conquer the hearts of more than one with the many novelties.

Nintendo DS: the portable console behind the phenomenon:

The Nintendo DS has a very high definition with its two backlit LCD screens. Moreover, it offers a new game approach to its users as well as unlimited possibilities. Indeed, it is possible to see the main action with one of the screens. As for the second screen, it allows you to show the maps, the inventories or even a secondary point of view. However, both screens can be used simultaneously during gameplay.

The Nintendo DS has touchscreen technology that is built into one of the screens. The latter reacts to touch, thus providing a better gaming experience. The user can therefore draw and send his achievements to his friends thanks to the integrated PictoChat software . The console has two separate game ports, one is reserved for the famous DS game cards and the other for the Game Boy Advance game cartridges . The microphone it incorporates allows communication with other online players depending on the game started.

The Nintendo DS Lite: an elegant portable console in your image

Like the previous model, the Nintendo DS Lite also has a dual screen and touch technology that optimizes the way you play. With this model, it is also possible to draw and share your creations with your friends thanks to the integrated PictoChat software. Also found in the case of this console, a microphone with the same functions.

Although the DS model and DS Lite are similar in several respects, they differ on certain levels. Indeed, the DS Lite is much lighter and smaller than the DS, the very first production version. The DS Lite contains a more powerful battery than the previous generation ( 1000 mAh against 850 mAh ). It also runs out less quickly, because it consumes less energy.

Nintendo DSI and Nintendo DSI XL

These two models come with new features like a camera, a sound studio and a store. See the world through your console with the Nintendo DSI Camera . These consoles incorporate two lenses (interior and exterior) that allow you to take pictures. These can be easily saved to your console’s internal memory or to an SD card .

In total, you have 11 filters that allow you to edit your photos as you wish. With your wireless connection , create your own photo diary and share your favorite views with your friends. The sound studio function allows you to store songs or podcasts in AAC format on the integrated SD card. Music becomes more playful with the Nintendo DSI. The microphone, in addition to its communication function during game sessions, can be used for sound recordings. The Nintendo DSI XL is mainly differentiated by its dimensions. It seems to be more suitable for teenagers and adults with large hands.

Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 2DS is the ideal console for the youngest. It is designed to allow you to quickly venture into games in multiplayer mode thanks to the wireless connection. Its shape is ideal to allow small hands to handle it well. The Nintendo 2DS offers many features thanks to the side buttons and circular pads it incorporates.

The 3DS meanwhile, is capable of displaying games in 3D graphics. It increases immersion in the game environment and has many other surprises in store for you. The 2DS and 3DS also have two other variants whose trade name is New 2DS XL and New 3DS XL respectively .

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