Discover the The Forest experience!

Alone, lost, you wake up in an unknown forest. The moment before, you were, you Eric Leblanc and your son Timmy, passengers of a plane which without warning crashed in a peninsula. You then find yourself fighting cannibalistic mutants and trying to survive their attacks.

Sole survivor, you must construct and build shelter to survive the day, and fight the cannibals at night. Will you try The forest experience on PC ?


The Forest is a survival game developed by the company “Endnight Games”. Survivor of a plane crash, you find yourself stuck in a strange island. Once awake, you see a strange man kidnapping your son Timmy and you try by all means to find him.

As you explore the island, you must feed, protect yourself, and fight cannibalistic monsters that try to eat you.

As you search for your son, you will find traces and clues of the kidnapper in underground caves.

You will thus discover a secret laboratory which seems abandoned to you. In the lab, you’ll find clues to some kind of artifact capable of restoring life to dead people, in return for the sacrifice of a child .

Camp and survival

In the game, you can construct and build huts to shelter yourself and save your course. You can build traps and hunting equipment. You can also create traps against carnivorous mutants (see The forest craft section ) to protect yourself during their attacks.

By collecting tree trunks, plants and animals, you can build and eat with them. The fire, in addition to warming you up, can scare the mutants away.

You can also recover weapons found in the forest, such as pistols, axes or explosives.

During your excavations in the underground passages, you can find maps ( The Forest map ) which will guide you through the various tunnels.

Survival book

The game “The Forest” offers you a survival book which will give you game advice. You can also find models of shelters or traps. A map of the island can also be found and added later.

By clicking on the “Shelters” tab, for example, you will be able to find models of huts and houses to build.

You will also be able to install “ Mod The forest ”, which are modifications made to the game to help you and facilitate your experience.


Cannibals are, in general, the enemies you will face the most. Hidden in the forest in the form of tribes, they will try by all means to kill you . Some won’t hurt you and will try to interact with you, or hide from you. Cannibals will attack you day and night, but especially at night. This is why you need to protect yourself as much as possible to survive their attacks . In the game, you can find 8 kinds of cannibals that differ from each other, according to the characteristics specific to each of them:

  • Classic cannibals;
  • Classic Cannibal Heads;
  • Incendiary classic cannibals;
  • The big clear ones;
  • Cannibal octopuses;
  • Cannibal spiders;
  • Greasy cannibals;
  • Mutant Megan Cross.


You will come face to face with more or less weak cannibals, depending on the region explored.

The classic cannibal is a cannibal with a human appearance. They are the most seen cannibals in the game. They are easily wiped out, either by using a weapon, trap or fire. Some of them may have lamps or torches.

The laboratory

During your exploration of the island, you will come across the entrance to a dungeon leading you to a secret laboratory which is at the bottom of a crater. The door to the laboratory requires an access card found previously in the game to open. Equipped with weapons, armor, healing, food, water and a lot of courage, you set out to the entrance to the laboratory: a one-way trip.

Once in the laboratory, you will have to explore its corridors and rooms to finally reach the main room where you will find your dead son. Misfortune ! As you continue your search, you will come across a strange little girl, who is ultimately a mutant. You must defeat her to survive.

The fight is over, you continue your way to reach a mysterious room in the mountains, facing a computer where you will have two choices, either stay in the forest for life without your dead son, or crash another plane to sacrifice another child and resuscitate your son.

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