New iOS apps and games: the best of December

The most interesting and useful new items in the App Store for the month.


1. Pixelmator Photo

A powerful photo editor with an intuitive interface and machine learning algorithms under the hood. Pixelmator Photo lets you crop images, apply color correction, reduce noise, and more. There is support for RAW files, including Apple ProRAW.

2. Smoxy

A useful application to help you quit smoking. To combat addiction, Smoxy uses so-called superpowers – various coping strategies such as manifestos or supporting a friend to cope with desire. Motivation is fueled by interesting facts, statistics of positive changes in the body and calculating the money saved on cigarettes.

3. Forte²

On the contrary, this application will allow you to develop good habits. In addition to a large number of examples and a user-friendly interface, Forte² has a remarkably well-thought-out system of achievements that will give strength and allow you not to abandon what you started.

4. Recurrence

A specialized planner for small and repetitive tasks that will help unload the brain without losing sight of the entire routine. Among the features of the application are many settings, a visual display of planned things and ready-made presets for tasks.


An interesting application that turns a smartphone into an information board and allows you to communicate without speaking. This can be useful in noisy places or to grab attention. There are several pre-configured phrases, as well as the ability to add your own and change the display mode – background color, blinking frequency and glow style.


1. Alien: Isolation

A full-fledged port of the popular horror film, which will provide a complete immersion in the universe of “Alien”. Travel to the Sevastopol space station and help daughter Ellen Ripley from the original 1979 film uncover the mystery of her mother’s disappearance.

2. PAKO 3

A new part of the famous chase simulator with excellent physics and addictive gameplay. As usual, there is unrestrained fun waiting for you: a wide variety of vehicles, new levels and interesting tasks. In addition to traditional police chases, racing competitions, challenges and even bosses are available in the game!

3. Skeletal Avenger

A dynamic slasher with procedurally generated levels. You will clear the dungeons as a skeleton eager to avenge his death. A lot of weapons and upgrades await you, over a dozen different enemies with unique behavior, countless tasks and challenges.

4. Foregone

A pixel-based action platformer with colorful graphics about the adventures of a warrior who fights against evil and rebuilds the destroyed world of the kingdom of Kalagan. You have at your disposal an impressive arsenal of weapons, powerful artifacts and a system of skills that will help you cope with hordes of opponents who mercilessly destroy all living things.

5. One Hand Clapping

Unusual puzzle-platformer in the gameplay of which your voice is used. Singing or muttering, you control your character, solve puzzles, and progress through colorful worlds filled with quirky hermits.

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