Minecraft won’t start or crash, what should I do?

The Minecraft computer game directly depends on Java, since most of the game modules of the game are launched using this technology. Crashes at launch or crashes from the gameplay happen often due to the lack of Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on the computer. At the same time, many users note that restarting the PC and deleting the game itself does not help solve this problem. Why is this happening and how can I fix the problem?

Possible reasons

This video game is highly dependent on Java technology, so if the PC does not have a Java Runtime Environment, there will be certain problems with starting and crashing. Other reasons:

  • There is a conflict between the installed mods or with the mechanics of the video game.
  • Outdated or missing processor driver.
  • Minecraft is blocking antivirus software.
  • Excessive CPU load (lack of power to handle game processes).
  • Not enough RAM to start.

To resolve problems with launching or crashing Minecraft, users recommend the following manipulations.

Reinstall Java Runtime Environment

When installing Java, something could go wrong, and the file was installed either not completely or with errors. In addition, Java can get corrupted during a new update, which is automatically downloaded by default. Your actions:

  • The keyboard shortcuts are Win + R. A dialog box will open, in which you need to enter “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter. For this procedure, you can go to “My Computer” and select “Uninstall or change a program.”
  • In the Programs and Features window, find Java JRE (or Java Runtime Environment). Right click and select “Delete”. For instance:
  • Restart your computer and go to the Java official sitehttps://java.com/ru/download/select the JRE version that matches your OS (32/64 bit) and download. After installation, restart your computer again and try to launch Minecraft.

Updating the processor driver

Modern Windows usually update drivers automatically. However, unfortunately, they are not always up-to-date in terms of compatibility. Therefore, if games, for example, Minecraft, crash at startup or crashes, it is recommended to check and update the processor drivers. Take Intel hardware as an example. Download the program for auto-updating drivers


  • Click Start Search.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • In the list of available updates, select the drivers you need and download to replace the old ones. This will only find compatible and up-to-date drivers.
  • Install drivers manually (or automatically) from the boot folder.

The process is complete. Reboot your PC and launch the game.

Reinstalling Minecraft

If a crash occurs, or even if the mod is incorrectly installed, problems may arise when starting the game or in the process. To fix this, Minecraft needs to be reinstalled. This is done in this way.

  • Click Start in the Run dialog box, type (or copy)% appdata%. Hit Enter.
  • You need to find and delete the .minecraft folder from the AppData folder (or its subfolders).
  • Close AppData. Then start the game and enter your username and password.
  • Minecraft is updated to the latest version.
  • After the end of the process, start the game.

Disable antivirus software

If a game, for example, Minecraft, does not start, the cause may be antivirus, and this does not mean at all that your system is infected. Therefore, during the launch period, it is advisable to disable the anti-virus software for a while. This will allow you to use the full power and performance of your computer. Antivirus software has a temporary disable feature. To carry out this procedure, you need to right-click on the antivirus icon and select “Manage antivirus screens” (in different programs, the inscription may differ slightly, but the essence is the same). Choose the period of time you need and start the game.

Run as administrator

An alternative way to run the game as administrator. To perform this procedure, you need to right-click on the Minecraft shortcut and select “Properties” / “Compatibility” and check the box on the corresponding item.

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