Messaging app LINE launches NFT platform

Messaging app LINE. LINE’s NFT platform, LINE NFT, is launched. On the platform, users can trade NFT. The platform is accessible at  

Many large companies have stepped up their work in the NFT sector due to its growing popularity  . Japan-based messaging application LINE announced that it is preparing to offer the NFT service at the end of last year. The work was completed and LINE’s NFT platform, LINE NFT , was officially launched.

Messaging app LINE launches NFT platform

On LINE’s new NFT platform, which has more than 90 million users in Japan, users can buy and trade NFTs and store them in the LINE BITMAX wallet, which can be accessed with their account in the LINE messaging app.

Collaboration with various entertainment companies in Japan began. Around 40,000 NFTs will be presented, including digital versions of Japan’s largest entertainment agency Yoshimoto Kogyo , popular anime series Mobile Police Patlabor, and LINE’s character Betakkuma , exclusive to the platform’s launch.

Additionally, LINE’s US-based initiative to expand the NFT ecosystem, LINE NEXT also plans to launch a global NFT platform for content creators called DOSI by July.


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