What is a Job Development company and what do they do?

When looking for vacancies on various sites, it is quite common to see that the author of the Job Development application. If you go to the author’s page, then several dozens, up to hundreds of vacancies can be displayed there. At what some of them are rather suspicious. They can write about finding a driver in the regions with a salary of 100,000 rubles without experience, while offering a fresh car (2-3 years old). Some points indicate that they are scammers. Opinions on the internet vary greatly. We figure out what kind of office it is and whether it deserves trust.

What is a Job Development company?

As they call themselves Job Development (IP Kozlova Olga Alexandrovna) is a company that is engaged in mass recruiting. Again, they say that over 100 people work here. They operate on the territory of most of Russia. More than 500 cities are already posting vacancies.

What are they doing?

Job Development is engaged in the recruitment of personnel for enterprises, firms, individual entrepreneurs and various other legal entities. They take a certain amount for this and publish ads on various job search sites. Do targeted recruiting.

In fact, this is a recruitment agency that takes a certain fee from the customer for selecting the right person. Before us is an ordinary order picker. Classic managers who help companies find people to hire with less effort.

What are the reviews about Job Development?

There are also reviews on the network, although there are not so many of them, but they are quite natural. Someone does not like something, others praise. It all depends on the vacancy and personal qualities of the person.

Fraudsters or not?

If you objectively look at the situation, there are arguments both in favor of the fact that these are scammers, and against it. We will describe the arguments of both sides, and only then we will draw a conclusion.

Why Job Development can be scams:

  • Very little information about the company. Finding any official information is difficult.
  • No site. Although there is an office in St. Petersburg, no one checked whether they really work there or if it is a random location on the map.
  • Too high salaries and low requirements . A typical trick of most scammers. Some vacancies indicate salaries above average, in the absence of relevant requirements for the applicant. It turns out that everyone is suitable, and they are ready to pay 50, 80, 100 thousand rubles for a relatively simple job.

Arguments against Job Development being a scam:

  • The number of platforms where job postings are posted. Job Development is featured on most job search websites. They do not differ in that they are particularly demanding on companies that place ads, but still. Few of them would be ready to sacrifice their reputation in favor of several thousand rubles. Obvious scammers, especially those who have been on the market for more than a year, are not allowed there.
  • The company has only been sued once. If they were scammers, from the day of the restaurant (in 2012) the number of cases would be huge. And the number of arranged people exceeds tens of thousands every year.

Can Job Development be trusted?        

There are arguments for and against, so it is not immediately clear whether Job Development is a scam or not. Actually there is a logical explanation. The company is not a scam in the truest sense of the word. They do not throw anyone, but they are not very picky and are ready to use gray schemes.

Here are a few nuances that are associated with using Job Development services:

  • The company is also an intermediary in terms of wages. That is, wages are paid through them. As a result, you do not know your real salary. Perhaps they take a large part for themselves, and give you only a part.
  • Delays in wages. Follows from the previous paragraph. One of the users wrote that wages were delayed for several months.
  • The work does not meet expectations . Since Job Development is not your direct customer, the working conditions may be very different from those promised during the interview. They can cut wages, increase the number of hours per day, etc. Allegedly, this is not the customer company that promised you something, but contact Job Development. A classic trick with a third party, where you will not find the last one later.

Job Development is not a scam in the classic sense of the word, but it cannot be 100% trusted either. She can deceive, use tricks, etc. Her main task is to select an employee for the company, this is the main income of the company. The rest is not so much a concern. In this case, you may well use the services of the company, this is not something dangerous. Just be on the lookout all the time and try to get away from any interaction with Job Development immediately after contacting the direct customer. In that case, everything should be fine.

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